SPL Phonitor One

Anyone who has experience with this new amp model from SPL?
I am considering buying it, but is it worth the buy or is it better to aim higher, is my thought. I am curious about the crossfeed function and SPL has a lot of experience with this and this is a low cost way to try it.


I perceived it as defensive move against the rise of cheaper THX, Topping, and other highly technical SS amps. Some people like a technical delivery, and defined edges are essential for production. I’ve never tried that SPL, but I’d expect it to be technical but smoother than THX (plus functions such as crossfeed).


I tried one when it first came out. I found it to be too analytical for me. It also has a fairly high output impedance (20 ohms) and not much power.


I haven’t had the chance to try it myself but we did send @netforce one to test out so he’d have some more experience with it. After spending time with the A90 (hated it) and Rebelamp (loved it), I do want to bring one up and see how it compared.


The low price, the crossfeed and the fact it is a SPL product is drawing me in. I’m still on the fence, but it is interesting.

I really liked the SPL Phonitor X during my time at TSAV and really liked how it paired with the HD800S which I am currently rocking. The Phonitor One d is nice reminds me of its much bigger brother and paired quite well with HD800S to the point I decided to sell off my Cayin iHA-6.


So you sold your Cayin iHA-6, because the SPL Phonitor One was worth keeping over the Cayin?

In my current uses yeah, the SPL was what I kept around over the Cayin. I am not using my planars as much lately and the Cayin really sounded great with its high current mode on my HE-6 and Ether 2 but haven’t had those around in a few months.

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My humble take on this amp. Curious to know how it compares if I can get my hands on a Rebel…


Are you using the DAC in the OneD?