Storage solutions

There are a lot of pictures of racks and racks of drool worthy gear, and tons of pictures of phones lined up neatly, buuuut what do you do with the piles of accessories?

How do you store your cables, interconnects, your collection of wall warts? Do you have clever tricks for pad storage, iem tip sorting or a great way to store your portable dap, dac, amp and carry case collection?

It’s New Years, let’s sort our schiit!


While this little wooden box is cheap and good for storing regularly-used, small accessories and short cables, the rest of my storage is in dire need of a solution - I have a small plastic box for turntable accessories, inc. small spirit levels, etc., and a larger cardboard box shoved under a dresser in which I dump all the bigger stuff.

It’s not been a new year’s resolution but I nonetheless keep meaning and failing to replicate @Torq’s great idea for IEM tips (see here for his post):