Transportable Setup Suggestions

I’ve been daydreaming about future, high-end transportable setups - a complete system that could be used in bed, carried to a front porch or back deck, moved over to the sofa, or taken on the road (but not for commuting). There’s a wide range of options out there these days…

I’d like to build something around transducers that provide a decent amount of isolation, be they closed-back headphones or IEMs (I’d prefer the latter, given their small size, although the relatively small form factor of the Focal headphones, with their compact carry cases, also appeals). Ultimately, I’m thinking in terms of the best combinations of convenience, versatility, and sound quality - something that sounds as close as possible to a desktop rig but that could be put in a backpack or taken in hand luggage on a flight or stashed in a hotel room safe.

The IEMs I have in mind are universals, primarily the Campfire Audio or 64 Audio offerings along with the UM MEST, InEar Prophile 8, QDC Anole XV and maybe the Final Audio A8000 (it’s pretty bright), among others that prioritize resolution and clarity, and that aren’t too bass heavy or v-shaped.

As for sources, I’d prefer something that allows for the playback of a few hundred gigabytes’ worth of files as well as streaming Tidal or Qobuz. I realize DAPs are the simplest solutions, and recommendations would be great. But what of other possibilities such as the new Chord 2go and Hugo 2 combination? Or, given their ubiquity now at trade shows like CanJam, how about tablets? The latest iPad Pros have 512 GB or 1TB of storage (and iPads are also appealing because you can watch videos on them and because they could do double-duty in a home system, as the control for Roon, for instance).

What of upper-tier DAC/Amps like the Hugo2 or the Woo Audio WA11 Topaz or the WA8 Eclipse? Are there any others I’m missing?

What would you recommend?


You’re welcome… lol


A small addition would be a room in the DAP/DAC/AMP thing for storing your IEMs and I’d like some kind of alcantara case for it- where I can hang it with a strap to they front of my backpack or even around my neck


you better start a indigogo thing for your idea or some else is going to


Yeah, you’re right - simplest is best. I’m probably overthinking all this. But, then, that’s part of the fun of the hobby, no?!

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Agreed! I was joking with that post… but it does fit all those needs…

I also use an IPad Pro with Razer THX dongle to CFA Cascades for fun listening

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If you like resolution, and clearly don’t mind transporting bulky setups then I would suggest Shure KSE 1200/1500 with your choice of Android based DAP. Though I personally don’t own the FIIO M15, I know that you can install various apps for Video playback etc.


I suggest Chord Hugo2 + Chord’s new streamer/player 2go which you plug to Hugo for a seamless and easy transportable setup

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If you have the money, the Hugo2 with the 2go is a beast of a setup. I second all the comments suggesting that. But the KANN might be a valid alternative as well (plus you wouldn’t need any additional device to select files/streaming service and control playback).


These are great suggestions, @Soundphile, @Lacaff, @Cloudy, and @DarthPool - I very much appreciate them!