Sub- Bass Headphone

The ZMF Eikon has the best subbass I’ve heard! Was a hair too much for my type of music though

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You made me do it Tony :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I did order the Nuraphone last week after speaking so highly of them. They’ll be here next week. I will post my impressions then.


Awesome! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been the past few weeks since I got them. Looking forward to hearing your opinions/thoughts when they arrive :sunglasses:.

Can confirm, the Eikon’s sub bass is outstanding.

I’ve started to look into ZMF headphones, but on another forum some have said that they don’t pair well with Woo Audio amps. But is that really the case?
DMS3 raved about the Auteur, and I’d love to know more about them.

@I_want_all_the_tacos has some great posts in this thread about tube amps (and solid state) with ZMF headphones. Very informative

I wouldn’t say ZMF and Woo are an inherently bad pairing. From what I’ve heard they are a bit warm, but something more neutral like the WA6 I tried sounds fantastic. Unless you’re considering the Atticus, which can get pretty muddied with some gear (OG Liquid Carbon, cheaper tubes), the fairly neutral tone of the Eikon and Auteur should play well. Obviously dependent on tubes.

Let’s see if I can make this semi-brief. I’m a relentless basshead and have owned many dozens of headphones and IEMs with sub-bass being one of the most important elements I’m looking for.

My favorite sub-bass headphones are the JVC HA-DX1000 / DX2000. Their primary flaw (other than rarity) is that there are a couple of parts on the headband that are prone to cracking.

The JVC HA-SZ2000 has epic bass capability and some interesting tech, but sounds like you’re listening through a 1970s-era vacuum cleaner that’s been cleaning a crazy cat lady’s house for at least the past three decades.

Fostex makes several great sub-bass cans (TH900, THX00, basically anything based on the Foster design). Same goes for Denon (the ones that look exactly like Fostex woodies–same OEM).

Many of the open headphones with solid sub-bass are planars. Audeze makes some good examples. The LCD-2C has rather capable sub-bass and is about the least expensive viable open option.

Generally speaking, bigger is better. The larger the driver, the more bass-capable it’s likely to be (perhaps because it can move more air and flex more without distorting).

Sony has some big drivers in the XB1000, Z7, and MDR-Z1R, they just tend to be tuned like crap. I’d love a Z1R with a heavy dose of EQ, but I can’t justify owning such an expensive pair of headphones if I’m going to have to EQ it all the time.

Perhaps surprisingly, some of the most capable sub-bass headphones are actually IEMs. I tend to significantly prefer dynamic driver-based in-ears to balanced armature receivers both for the sound and bass impact.

Some of my personal favorites are the Future Sonics Spectrum G10 and Aurisonics Kicker/Fender FXA2 (same thing). My daily in-ears are the Future Sonics MG5HX (customs). Excellent sub-bass reproduction, outstanding isolation, and non-fatiguing tuning make for great bass-heavy listening all day at work.

There are quite a few more options if you’re willing to look at in-ear monitors. From inexpensive (Sony MDR-XB90EX, JVC HA-FXZ200) to offensively-priced (they shall not be mentioned!).

Other headphones worth a quick mention that I’m reminded of as I almost hit the “Reply” button: ZMF makes solid options as does MrSpeakers.

And one last thing: You must have a good amplifier to get the best bass quality. Bass suffers more than any other frequency from a mediocre amplifier or bad power.

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The 400i extends very low being an orthodynamic and all, but the quality of the bass is not that great anyway. Combined with the myriad of other issues with the mids and treble that makes it almost an unlistenable experience.

I was also disappointed by the bass extension on the HE400i. Switching to leather ZMF Ori pads did help quite a bit though.

I am not a basshead in the sense that I don’t need super prominent bass, but I do like good bass extension, clarity and texture. I second the recommendation of LCD2C and I’ll add the DT 1990 as a semi-open dynamic driver that does very well in the bass department. It’s bass is well extended and has lower distortion than many of the popular dynamics like the HD600, with great clarity and just a bit more punch than the LCD2C.

Second the DT1990, a very good headphone but the treble up top may not be for everyone. Otherwise imo it’s a slightly less refined HD800 with better upper mids.

Thanks, I was also thinking of getting the Audeze but the LCD-2 just because I like the look of wood, just waiting to see when my store gets the updated version so I can try out the new headband and cushion.

If you can deal with the planar compression it’s a decent proposition I guess. Personally I don’t think orthos are better than standard dynamics.

Yeah, I have to eq down the treble peak at 8 kHz, but with that it’s an excellent headphones.

Ive had many headphones and Ive never heard one extend as deep as the Beoplay H9i. It goes deep and it stays CLEAN!!

dont get me wrong, its not super powerful but its clean! and it extends. Better than any wireless headphone ive heard.

Fostex TH-610, to my ear, as some of the most natural, extended sub-bass I’ve heard.

Guys hear me out… the Skullcandy skull crushers :pray::raised_hands::raised_hands::ok_hand: jk jk

Ok so I really enjoy good bass. I have recently bought a fostex thx00 mahogany and I love them. They are W shaped and the entire sound signature is to my liking.
Once I got these I realized how freaking amazing the bass is on my B&O H6 gen 2. They are VERY similar. The biodynamic fostex might be a tad better, but the H6 get really damn close. There is a dip in the upper bass/lower mids that prevents the bass from muddying the mids. Metal571 reviewed the h6 and recommended them. I stump for these cans every chance I get because they are stunning for what they are. Easy to drive, good isolation, super comfortable, good looking, there is nothing missing really.

When I’m at home I usually pick the fostex, but I get 95% there with the H6. Incredible cans. I am looking at trying the dt1990 next as I dont have much experience with fully open headphones and the bass is supposed to be good on these.

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So I hear you like Bass…