Subjective3 (3-BAND EQUALIZER)

JDS LABS the makers of the Objective2 just recently released the SUBJECTIVE3. I am wondering, if anybody had a chance to give this one a spin?

Hi, My name’s Gene and I need some advice. I have a serious high frequency hearing loss. I hear the sounds, so I’m fine with music but I miss the intelligence contained in the high frequency area. My TV at home broadcasts straight into my hearing aids but even with that I miss some of the dialog. I just got back from a trip across country and tried watching a movie in the plane. I used my Apple ear buds and had to give up and listen to some tunes. I’ve bought a pair of older Bose noise cancelling headphones and would like to get a portable equalizer to try and mimic my hearing aid. So now the question: Will a 3 band equalizer with only 15 Db range meet my needs. I was thinking I would need more channels and more amplification. but I also need to be able to carry it:)

The specific value of the equalizer depends on your hearing profile, and only your audiologist can perform those tests. However, some headphones and in-ears are very bright and provide a head start. Consider anything from the Grado brand, for example. Bose tends toward mid frequency sound rather than the high frequency sound, so they’ll put you at a disadvantage.

Bright sounding products range from $10 (e.g., Chinese imports on Amazon) to more than $1,000 (Sennheiser HD-800).

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Beyerdynamics also tend to be bright, especially around the 8-10 kHz range.