Suggestions for a carry case or bag for headphones

I’m looking for something light weight and easy to carry around my headphones while keeping the cable plugged into them. I currently have the Hifiman Anandas but the bag or case can be a universal type. I’m, a nice way to put it physically challenged, so to say get from my home office to my recliner :slight_smile: I need something to put my headphones in and hang the case on my walker. I don’t want to keep unplugging and plugging back in the connectors every time I transport the headphones. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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That’s a legit and tough question. +1 for that.

Recently, I’ve faced similar challenge with the HD600. Ended up getting this case. It fits OK for short cables, but for the longer baIanced cable I always end up detaching it. As of today, I do not mind doing so but someday I probably will. :wink:


This just came out today. It $45.

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that looks nice and what I need. just wish they listed the dimensions of the bag. thank you for posting.

If you do not need drop or crush protection, I have been using 100% cotton muslin bags to store my full-side headphones like the HD800S, Chord Utopia, etc. Using something like these 10 x 15 in heavyweight bags, the whole headphone plus cords can fit in. You flip the top portion of the bag for a more compact look.


nice! thank you. ordering now.