Travel with full size headphones

Do you bring your precious full size headphones with you when you travel? Do they travel in a hard case, soft case, or around your neck? Do you have travel insurance for all of your electronics and headphones? Do you keep the factory cables just for times like this when they can get caught on something while boarding the plane or jumping into a cab? Do the bumps and scratches just add character? What do you bring when travelling; IEM, noise cancelling cheapos, nothing?

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Great question. I like to travel with a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t be traveling with. Insurance is a great idea that I haven’t explored.

I find the hard cases are usually too big to haul around (I’m thinking Audeze Pelican cases here). So I usually use a pouch and pack the headphones carefully. Definitely not the most secure, but convenience wins in this case.

I generally have a few pairs of in-ears with me when I travel. When I’m on the plane I use a pair of ER4XRs with the stiff foam for the isolation.

If I’m driving, I MIGHT take some full size phones, usually the Sennheiser 650s. If it’s driving to the house that my wife inherited, I might take - have taken the HiFi Man and Headroom Amp.

Usually though, I keep the 1More earbuds handy. And for away/flying travel, I pack the Apple Camera Card, Audioquest Dragonfly Black with Jitterbug, and my cheap Grado SR60e. Sometimes I include vSonic earbuds - middle of the line, can’t recall the model.

Note that if you want to use a USB DAC with the iPhone, you need the Camera Card. There are two versions. The old one is very small, and the new one is a bit bigger, but allows you to use a charger at the same time.

I hear a lot of Grado comments. If you don’t like them, look at folding Sennheiser like the PX-200. Maybe I’m weird but I like the compromises Grado did on the low end, and I just don’t want to risk good phones disappearing.

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lol my room of thumb…if I have room, bring it; full size headphones fit into “this” (no pun intended). I will carry them in a soft case, with the amp in a pocket. My good headphones will go with me on car trips when I know they are handled safely, while my beaters go on the plane trips. As for bumps, scratches and such, they are badges that show how much they get used, while still sounding great.

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For a long haul flight, i prefer the isolation of my shure se535. It helps neutralize the ringing on my ears because of high cabin air pressure.

On land travel, i like the sound signature of my grado 325e.

Travel with couple pair of in-ear. Slappa case for full size headphone is more protective

If I’m going away for a week and expect some time alone I usually pack my HD800 into a Slappa case.

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When I travelled to Norway, I took all of my full-sized cans. Airport security couldn’t wrap their heads on what it is I’m carrying :slight_smile:

I used some $20 boxes from eBay. Works perfectly for the purpose.

I’ve travelled on land, air, and water (yes) and in all cases, I’ve always found that the safest place for my headphones is literally on my head.

I don’t have a specific case for my full-sized headphones or my earphones, but I do have a weather-resistant backpack that keeps water away. I just tuck both of them in a regular pocket–nothing special.

I think most of us have the tendency to baby our audio gear, but some headphones / earphones (definitely not all) are durable and high-quality enough that it really doesn’t need such royal treatment.

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I travel more than I really should, and I usually have 3 pairs of headphones with me.

  1. Apple airpods for walking around foreign cities (low profile and no isolation), teleconferences, and running. They live in their tiny candyshell case, which is basically indestructible.
  2. My IEMs (currently Campfire Audio Andromedas, soon UERRs!) for some plane time (eg sleeping), or busy hotel spaces etc where I need to focus. I find active noise-cancelling can get really fatiguing, and sometimes gives me this weird pressure feeling midflight.
  3. A pair of active NC phones. Currently I’m using AKG on-ear ones, though I’m not super-happy with them. They live in their little neoprene case, but I usually wear them around my neck boarding, de-planing, and moving around the airport. My previous NC were Sennheiser PXC-450s, but the electronics just died on them one day :frowning: )

Sony MDR1000 NC Bluetooth headphones in their case. Great noise cancelling and great sound. Makes even a crowded flight livable.

I will bring and use the Senn 650s if I’m away for sometime but usually travel with Koss PortaPros.

I looked up the Koss PortaPro headphones and was suprised to see that they have been in production since 1984. That’s a lifetime in Hi-Fi years!

I travel with my ATH-ESW9 that is in an AT hard case. I also travel with my Campfire Audio IEMs. I keep the rest at home.

As the saying goes…
“If it ain’t broke…” :headphones:

IEMs all the way with a portable player. I had been traveling with my ie800s and ak240. Great compact system for long hauls out and about. But now I’ve been running with my WM1A and switch between my ie800 and UERM customs depending on isolation needs but I like my IE800s more than my customs from a comfort perspective.

I found the CA Cascade pretty easy to travel with and easy enough to power with most low power sources. Comfortable with decent noise isolation.

I usually travel with full sized headphones! Especially if I’m staying in a hotel or with a friend over night!

At the moment I’ve only got Pelican Cases for my headphones, an I’ve got a nice collection of hand padded cases and Bubble Bags I use for transporting my Gear!

I would love to see a photo of the Pelican Cases with headphones packed in them.

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Ask and you will receive

LCD2s . 1st Photo

LCD4s . 2nd Photo

Both side by side Audeze Pelican Cases .