Suggestions for room treatments: sub/speakers

hi gang.

need your help kindly on a few questions around room treatment of subwoofer/speakers.

i have the Kef LS 50 wireless active speakers and an SVS SB 2000 sub.

the speakers come with DSP settings for room callibration (basic/expert modes) etc
(but i realize there is only so much this basic DSP will do).

my room is pretty bright…i was to look at bass traps/panels but those can get pricey
(whethey they be the basic ‘london’ series from primeacoustics here in the lower mainland BC
or the lovely looking $$$ Vicoustic series.)

i reached out to a few room treatment consultants, sent them dimensions of my apt
and a pic…estimate is $2-3k once all is done…ugh! i’m only renting right now
so that has to be taken into account too.
(any people you can suggest in vancouver bc area who do room treatments would be appreciated).

so i’m thinking of at least getting the subwoofer/speakers callibration done first with some room treatment software using one of these below by myself (but am a newbie…)
sonarworks or room wizard etc.
any you’d suggest? maybe best to buy used? or just pay someone $150 to have it done professionally (liquid sound here in vancouver charges 90/hr)


I havent used REW (Room EQ Wizard) yet for home use but I have heard others using it with some success. I have been using it exclusively for headphones though and it’s an easy to use free software.

I have thought about just pulling out my Audessey mic and plugging it into my laptop and measuring my living room and den and seeing what comes out. The mic is from my Marantz AV Receiver and I had been using it for headphone DIY rig up until I got EARS.

MiniDSP makes a lot of room EQ DSP tools and packages if you haven’t read up on them yet. My buddy is using MiniDSP and REW for DIY speakers he made to correct any sound issues with his DIY setup.


Unless you’re using the term “bright” in a different way to how I would normally interpret it, I don’t think bass-traps are the way to go.

Though if you mean “bright” as in very-reactive/reflective then they might well be …

thanks, Torq…bright as in reflective, not much damping materials around
(hell i need more furniture, rugs, paintings on the walls etc)…
might have the guy use some ‘room wizard eq’ to give me some impressions
and then do some basic installs from there: corner bass traps, a few reflectors on the side walls
maybe on on ceiling…in stages though… $$

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