Super Sonico

So I’ve been scouring the net for anime depicting Stax headphones. Never mind why. I’ll tell you when you’re old enough.

Meanwhile, I noticed that there are many images with “Super Sonico” headphones. These are headphones created out of whole cloth by a gaming company, Nitroplus. They have a character named Super Sonico, and she is almost always wearing wierd headphones.

Of course, some enterprising manufacturer or modifier created the whacky bogus headphones, and has sold some on eBay - here’s a “review” from 2014. It’s fun because it’s really not at all like @Torq
doing a review or anyone here even doing an impression.

And here is a Wikipedia article showing the “real” Super Sonico an her “Super Sonico” headphones (wireless) that look just like the ones the reviewer got.

Edit was to add the link I didn’t have showing.