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Happy día de la tarta @dncnexus!

Happy cake day @dncnexus

Happy Cake Day @dncnexus

Cappy Dake Hay @dncnexus

Happy Cake Day @dncnexus.

Moving this here as to not invade the IEM thread too much!

I have spent the last few months backwards and forwards between a project in Stralsund and Spain, I just got back this last weekend, so it is very close.

The ship is supposed to sail on Saturday this week but if it ends up not doing so, I will almost certainly be there again next week and will let you know.


That’s quite close! We are around 80km away in Zinnowitz, visiting my wife’s family.

Please tell me, if you know more.

Would be fun to meet you!

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What kind of boat are you on?

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We are finishing off the installation onboard a cruise ship being built at MV Werften in Stralsund.


Wow! That’s fascinating!

I just saw the weather forecast and here they say 47°C (117°F) on Monday!

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Yikes, we just had similar temperatures here in Oregon (and the Pacific Northwest and western Canada in general) a couple weeks ago. :hot_face:

What a surprise to see sponsoring Darko Audio video.
A kick-ass hi-fi system for €1000 - YouTube


I saw that. Top pinned comment: Don’t be a sexist, racist, or engage in conspiracy theories…


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There have been some “curious” comments on Darko’s videos some months ago and he turned off comments for a while.
I believe that general statement has to work as a responsiblity limitation if offensive comments return.

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Darko is an AudioQuest-sponsored snake oil salesman who pimps things like “audiophile” network devices. People called him out on it enough that he turned off comments. The conspiracy theory he is mostly referring to is that “bits are bits.”

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Happy Cake Day @gtjwolf!

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Thanks, it’s been a fun one trying out the new gear so far!


Have a very happy cake day @gtjwolf !!

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Happy cake day @gtjwolf !

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