Giving Thanks


Not sure where to put this thread, but here goes…

I was just listening this morning to a Mary Chapin Carpenter album that has been in our household for over 20 years, was a song at our wedding first dance, and it hit me how far this audio journey has taken me, and how fortunate I am to be here to have the greater audio community, and the health and place to enjoy good sound.

11 years ago I bought my first headphone and headphone amp. I was so happy with a HeadRoom Desktop amp, driven by my computer’s Foobar, and this pair of Audeze LCD-2. Now my audio system is quite a bit more sophisticated, and I never would have thought to get to this point.

This isn’t about gear, but more about how fortunate all of us are to enjoy this hobby regardless of our music choice, our gear beliefs or budget. What a great time to be alive.

ps. Show us your pre/post photos of how your gear has changed (or not!) over years.


Nice, I had that same amp!

I kind of wish I’d kept it, it’s kind of a classic, possible collectors item now. I had the matching DAC too, he made some great stuff :+1:


Started out with an Aeon Closed X from drop, my iphone, and a hipdac 2 about 2 years ago. Now I am fortunate to be rockin: MBA > rme adi 2 fs / Denafrips Pontus 2/12 > LTA MZ3 / Mcchanson UltimatE Mini > ZMF Verite Closed / Auteur Classic > LazyBoy…


Love Mary’s voice! :+1:


Nice topic @ktc !!

Definitely thankful to be able to enjoy music the way I do and for this community (to which I’m especially grateful) which I thankfully found at the very beginning of my dive into headfi.

It’s a bit strange to me being a life long music lover, getting a Walkman for Xmas as a kid when it first came out (still remember that…wow was I blown away) and having used various earbuds, headphones, etc. all my life for portable use (A La Bose, Klipsch, Sony, etc.) that I never knew this world even existed. I’d never heard of a headphone amp or dac and only ever used headphones at home out of my AVR from whatever I found at Circuit City.

Found the first picture I took of my original setup (THX887, Smsl su-6, Xduuo Ta-20 and Arya) It was, weirdly, exactly 3 years ago today!!..

To this stack of Bifrost2, V280, and Lokius about 8 months later….

To today…

I have so many here to thank for all the advice, friendship and just the fellowship of everyones love of music and the hobby. This really is a great community!!!


Very nice current setup! :+1:

I bet you really miss that THX amp :wink:


Can you tell me where to buy that fuzzy green plant? I seems with enough time, water, and placement near audio equipment it’ll transform into an HD 800. DIY grow your own, and probably a bargain too.


Yes, weird things happening in my listening setup.

Actually the plant produces a heron shaped “stem” whose bloom was an Hd800s!

Maybe stranger still was the Samsung buds…. from exposure to salt lamp light and the barrage of invisible bits of streamed music in the air. They transformed into a tube amp.

My wife doesn’t seem to believe these miraculous happenings for where new gear comes from. :person_shrugging:


Not using the 282iX anymore?


No. I’ve been meaning to put a listing up for it and at least a dozen other things I don’t use anymore. My wife isn’t thrilled that the guest room has become the pasture where retired gear goes to await re-homing. It’s becoming quite filled with speakers, sound bars, amps, AVRs and various gadgets.

Recently sold the Lokius too. I’m moving towards having HQplayer for tweaking things for my setup.