Tonight's Question

Imagine a private, upscale room. Maybe it’s late afternoon, or early evening. An expensive, inviting couch sits on a wooden floor, in front of a tightly-knotted oriental carpet. You are gazing at this scene from another room, perhaps a portico, and you can almost make out the wood grain of the floor beneath the perfect satin finish.

As you watch, someone comes into the room, wearing headphones. No. They don’t just come into the room, the waft into the room, making a graceful entrance. The person entering is in their physical prime, your erotic ideal, completely naked. You admire their skin as they move toward the couch; it is almost moist, as if after some recent exercise. You can hardly not look as their body turns, taking a deep breath.

A teak table is located by the far side of the couch, and you can see a few warmly glowing tubes from equipment on the table. The person has turned their back to you, looking at the table, and you admire the shape from their shoulders to waist. Gracefully, they bend and attach a cord to the equipment on the table.

Turning back to the couch, they settle down, head near the table end. Stretching, they put one leg over the back of the couch, and you see a perfect toe on a perfect foot pointing to the ceiling. Eyes close, and a smile appears, as tunes you can only imagine enter their head. Their other toes seem to point to you.

What headphones are they wearing?


Focal Stellia lol…but I really wanted to say skull candy crushers or beats :joy:


Beats came to mind as a possible. So did something ZMF. But I’ve seen too many drawings. STAX Lambda Pros. Not sure what vintage.

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What color is the couch?

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Whatever you imagine it to be

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Seriously, what kind of tube amp is it?


I imagined a maroon Scandinavian style leather couch. Who the hell buys a maroon Scandinavian style couch?! In leather?!

Fantasy shattered.

As such, I am forced to say Beats By Dre.



WTF. Does not go with teak table.


In the spirit of the original question … Focal Stellia.

But since this:

… would have to be my wife …

… and I know exactly which headphones she’d be wearing … I’d be less focused on that than on why she was fucking about in mine.

If I’ve told her once, I’ve told her, well, once … if she really wants to listen to headphones while naked she can have whatever she wants (I may regret that sentiment when she decides on a custom-made set of Stellia but with Orange Hermēs saddle-leather … probably with a matching saddle) …


That would depend on your fantasy. In my case I’m seeing a custom made Blue Hawaii SE.

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What color Beats? The pink?


Hehehe, I thought red, but pink works


Bugger the headphones I want to know more about this exotic lady.

Lol, but if you read it closely it was never stated if the person was a lady or man…

But it was a clever bit of writing, it utilized ones own imagination to create in their head their “ideal lust after person” lol…and also should show to some degree one own bias towards lifestyle products/or what they think someone like that would wear as a headphone. If it was a real person I would go with something in the Focal or ZMF line. If being funny I would stick with Beats…or even better…the new AirPods pros lol…oooh even better porta pros!

Fun experiment @pennstac


Yes very true. Great bit of writing as you say. I just can’t make my mind up what my wife would wear, as it would have to be my wife of course. Perhaps my U18t’s strategically placed. Hmmm enough, this is my fantasy…the rest of you will have to scat, this is private.


To answer your initial question: a colorblind Scandinavian (who thinks it’s brown or black)


It is not easy writing gender-neutral eroticism. Was trying to be very careful to permit one’s own imagination to run rampant. Regardless of the audience. All I knew about the audience was that if here, they must like headphones.

The new airpods is a very sick thought. Bravo!


Something from Beyerdynamic - mostly so they stop listening and pay attention to more important things at hand.


my wifes (not yet mmcx modded) Koss Porta Pros with orange Yaxi Pads, very long custom hartaudio mmcx cable wrapped around the neck connected to a BTR3 tangling down from whatever like a big black shiny Obsidian or Onyx

but in my fantasy … haha … a sexy Rosson RAD 0 Grafitty … the person looks up and I see myself in the mirror before the nightmare ends brahahaaaa

but who cares… keep on writing! @pennstac /David


Soo… because… I want to be a troll… hopefully a funny one and not the rage inducing internet version but let’s ruin some fantasies! (Or depending on your preference build up some fantasy lol, don’t worry I’m not judging, you be you!)



I miss Burt - what a cool political uncorrect dude he was

Pic reminds me of my nightmare with the similar amount of hair- except on the head :joy: