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I think his account got compromised.

By his previous post you can tell is not him… Maybe?.. Too many typos and senseless shit.

You read me being pestered by a hacker who’s creeped his way through the modem then he penetrated my supposedly tamper-proof router where he wreaked havoc by replacing the original firmware with some malware program through which he took control of the home network and invaded my computer from which he stole my credentials to various forums and websites. He was after banking credentials I’m sure but what happened is the very reason why I keep my banking stuff in a laptop which I only connect to the internet through secure networks and even then, only for very short periods at a time…

I had an online conversation with Taron about this, and took measures to keep the buffoon out of this forum. Since he (the hacker) had changed my email address I had on file here for one belonging to him.I had to re-register under a slightly different name. I was MuseMuff and now I’m MuzeMuff. It appears he didn’t have time to post before my account was suspended on account of suspected hacker activity, because it was unlike anything I had written before. I replaced the modem and router and installed high-security network adapter on the computer. I used gibberish for passwords to make them un-guessable. . … .


Yes, a very different audience: a hacker. Just read my post above :slight_smile:

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Glad your back… But is it really you? Mhhhhh Answer this: Who owns

:stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


Welcome back. So no blackmail from the hacker, nor anything? I bet he wanted part of your gear. :grin:


It’s really me the real Karl Kilfoil aka MuzeMuff As far as I know Taron and his brother own The headphone Company in Vancouver. Glad you guys called back!


Who’s to know what goes on in his twisted mind. I know this fellow, we used to be neighbours. Once he fiddled with the power inlet and sent 220v in my unit’s wiring in an attempt to fry my Computer equipment but it didn’t work, only tripped the surge protectors. He’s some piece of work I can tell you that.

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I have friends and colleagues who tell me I am too paranoid about this stuff but reading this makes me wonder if I am paranoid enough.

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Assuming its a cable modem, “breaching” that is trivial (they’re open access by default) … they’re all on a shared network to begin with and you can reach one from another trivially (no hacking required … they’re just part of a WAN). I could always see all of the modems in our last neighborhood, and you could, without any special tools or techniques, view the WAN-facing side of any routers they were connected to as well. 99% of those were misconfigured and/or still had their default Admin passwords.

“Tamper proof” when it comes to routers usually means two things:

  • Physical seals (usually just security stickers) on the casework to let you see if someone has been inside the thing.

  • The firmware can only be updated if you have physical access to the device (there’s no physical electrical path that allows a networked firmware write-access no matter what you try). These are pretty rare, since they’re a pain in the arse to manage centrally, but they exist.

This is also why IDS/IPS solutions exist and why firewalls are important.

Remember routers exist specifically to both separate AND connect/transfer traffic across, disparate networks. So it’s not at all hard to make them do just that.

This sort of thing is bot-script/script-kiddie/canned-malware level stuff.

No one bothers to post gibberish on random, niche, web forums if they’re actually at all proficient as a hacker. That’s just a waste of their time and resources. And you do not want to expose that you have access for no gain if your’e at all serious in this regard. Better to keep quiet and leverage what you’ve accessed as a misdirect for other attacks, information/credential farming, or later sale.


Happy Cake Day @prfallon69!!


Hey Paul! @prfallon69 Happy Anniversary on the forum

Happy anniversary Paul aka Mr. Nice Guy!

Hahaha these birthday posts can be misleading. Lol

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Happy Anniversary on the forum! Cheers! @prfallon69

Also great job everyone for posting in off topic for these!!!


Also… I’m reorganizing/spring cleaning… this may have been a bad idea…


Fuuuuuuuk LOL, Yeah I learned my lesson, I keep shit to a minimum now.


What did you do :flushed:


He went on a rampage because “somebody” called SR1a a “Electrostatic” headphone.


Where are all your amps again? :rofl:


Megaman will probably loose an arm and a leg after this.


Moved the guest bed to the daughters room, put out daybed in this room, rearranged some furniture, then decided I should reroute all my cables for all my Audio and PC gear… mistakes were made! Lessons were/are being learned! Lol… I’m exhausted! Taking apart/putting together and moving furniture all day!

Fun fact! SPL Phonitor X/XE is ridiculously light! Other fun fact, Cayin Ha-1a mkii is very heavy!!!