The On-Topic, OFF-TOPIC Thread

How engineers find a way enjoy music:

I wonder if they listen to soulful music or synthpop in their double-blind tests?

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I don’t think they’re listening much at all …

I mean, why bother … when you can just imagine what you want to be there and have it magically manifest itself?

I’m not even an audio-objectivist, even if I do value measurements.

But when others tell me the differences are “night and day”, and yet I can’t hear any difference at all, even sighted, I will look at the measurements. And if I find no differences there either, then I am inclined to think that, well, there’s not actually a difference.


For those that are determined to try and engage me on things privately, that should be in the public threads …

No, I do not hate Topping.

I DO have a visceral, negative, response to the name.

Whomever does their visual design and UX desperately needs to stop using 4 fonts on the their front panels, and learn how HMI is best affected. Focus groups are a thing; IF you care.

Then … I’m not particularly interested in paying US prices for Chinese products.

And they’re at entirely the opposite end of the market in which I care about.

Beyond that, they’re perfectly competent, if entirely un-interesting to me, things.


There’s no excuse for having a gerund as a name. Just go with the bloody noun. Imagine if Schiit were Schiiting? (Then again, in this case the noun doesn’t work, either).


Some iPhone pics of my office as set up now:

This is just to see if I like having music in my office Rectilinear XI speakers I had around, and the above-referenced Onkyo integrated that was also laying around. The Sansui is at repair/refurb.

Will comment on the Zen in the appropriate section.


Why oh why did you have to mention Border Patrol (here and here)? So sad. This company is close enough for me to “drop in”…and they have some pretty tube amps. I have no idea how they sound, nor are any prices shown on their website. Their speakers are $6.6K to $20K.


That came together nicely.

Thank you, but those speakers are so 1988 like avocado, harvest gold, or coppertone appliances are 1966.

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