The WATCH Thread

The altitude training seems like it would be quite similar, you don’t have the pressure exertion on body, but lack of oxygen definitely has many negative effects. The technical diving stuff has always fascinated me. I have used the kirby morgan setup for mixed gas diving, I have never used rebreather diving gear, it seems like the perfect setup for cave and wreck diving.

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Nor can I.

I know it seems like arm-chair quarterbacking … but the minute I saw how it was put together, and what it was made of, I lost any notion of a scenario other than catastrophic failure.

It’s a great system, and an industry standard for a reason. I’ve gotten to dive it. Surface-supplied diving was an interesting experience. Not something I’ve gotten to do much of, since it’s principally a professional endeavor.

It has the benefits of extended bottom times, shorter (sometimes no) deco-stops, and fewer/less frequent bubbles. So, they’re good for longer dives, can be setup/managed to minimize nitrogen uptake/maximize off-gassing and they don’t disturb the sealife as much.

But …

They are fiddly, can be temperamental, are expensive, take much longer to setup prior to diving than simple OC SCUBA, and the minute you stop paying attention it always seems like they want to kill you.

If OC SCUBA is like an conventional aircraft, then rebreathers are like helicopters.

99.5% of my diving, today, is just OC SCUBA on Nitrox (local diving here is shallow, so the lower MOD is not an issue, and it is a nice safety margin for repetitive dives).

Its funny how things have changed. With old school setups you had your watch,depth gauge,compass and trusted Navy no decompression charts. Today its all incorporated into dive computer, depth,surface interval,compass, and air guage. You can even program device for trimix, and repetitive dives.

Getting back to watches the Deepsea Challenger is huge! It will definitely be a collectors item! The new red Deepsea with cyclops date is my favorite. I think it will surpass sales of Submariner, for its rated to a much deeper depth. The magnifying cyclops on the date was what always made Submariner unique.

While my primary dive instrument is a Shearwater Perdix 2, with a Perdix AI as a backup, I still always dive with a watch, and mechanical SPG, depth gauge and compass and can do tables from memory.

I can get away with it … my 126600 (latest Sea-Dweller red-line) is a 43mm piece and it looks like a regular, older, 40mm Submariner on my wrist.

My first Submariner had the cyclops. Today the more popular one is the no-date (technically they’re called “Submariner” and “Submariner Date” today), as it uses a case shape more like the classic 16610, where as the date version uses the “Super Case”, wears larger and looks worse.

AD had the James Cameron (D-Blue) Deepsea in the “exhibition” case yesterday. Which of course means the bastard wouldn’t sell it to me …

And that likely means, given that it’s not a particularly hard piece to get anymore (grey dealers are the same as MSRP by the time you figure in tax, now, for that piece), I’ll probably get the call on it in the next week or so (the time it takes them to get the warranty card from Rolex).

BUT … what was funny is that while I was waiting for the Rolex SA to free up, I was looking at the other brands. They had three full cases of Cartier … not a single slot was without a watch.

Out of morbid curiosity, I asked how much one of the Santos De Cartier models was.


I laughed and said, “No, really, how much?”


For a watch I can literally buy in any Cartier boutique or dealer … as they’re ALWAYS in stock. No, sorry, it’s nothing special. Pretty enough, in its way. But it’s much more jewelry than it is watch. $500 watch. $1,000 case work. $3000 Cartier markup. $3250 retail markup. And I can go ONLINE and buy one directly from Cartier, for that price, and have it next day …

Or, you know, talk to a sane dealer and get it for $5,250 tops, out the door.

Oh … and here’s my “well-dived” (hence the marks on the bracelet) 126600 … (excuse the cell-phone/desk shot and me hiding my S/N) …


This is the best looking Rolex seadweller, love the red letter and cyclops date. I still believe it will hurt the sales of Submariner. I guess it doesn’t matter, you are still buying from Rolex.

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Here is my daily watch. I have used it on many dives. Its considered a vintage watch. I don’t wear my Rolex, or Seamaster to much on dives. I feel its to pretentious. The folks i dive with are usually natives of Honduras or Belize. They live simple lifestyle, and do not have luxury items. If they ask about my watch, i always say it’s the poor mans Rolex.


I could see that … if they made enough of them, though price wise they carry a much smaller premium on the secondary market than the Submariner does - so I’m sure some people will feel like they’re being ripped off less there.

The bigger issue is the size.

Most of the people I see with Submariners lately seem to have noodle-arms, and skinny wrists, so the watch looks way too big on them. And when I say too big, we’re talking lugs extending past the edges of the wrist. Makes it look like they’re wearing their dad’s watch …


Don’t think I’ve seen one on a mesh band before … that’s nice!

I don’t really have a “daily watch”, so much as “I wear a watch daily.”

They get rotated … a few on winders, the rest in the safe.

For me it depends on the situation. For technical dives, which I would always know I was doing in advance, I’d wear the Sea-Dweller or Submariner (until I got the Sea-Dweller).

Otherwise, most of the time if I was diving with a Rolex it’s because I was either a) diving after work (in Seattle) or b) I wasn’t expecting to dive on that trip and the opportunity just came up … in which case I’d dive whatever I was wearing and it was nice knowing that I could do that with (almost) any of my tool watches.

Again … solid, mechanical, backup.

For myriad reasons, I just wore my Apple Watch Ultra to Honduras/Roatan. While not mechanical, the dives were easy, and it was an opportunity to test out the Oceanic+ app and how well the watch worked as a “dive computer”.

I wouldn’t use it as my primary … but I liked it better than the basic puck rentals you get when diving unexpectedly on vacation and don’t have any of your own gear with you. And its safety-stop timer is the nicest, most obvious, interface I’ve seen on any dive gear. The haptic pulse during the countdown is a surprisingly nice feature.

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When i go to Sandals resorts i wear my Seamaster or Rolex. It is a more expensive resort, and everyone has expensive stuff. I really like the Sandals for all the diving is included. Although not as good as Belize or Honduras. I went to Honduras with a friend, we did 3-4 dives a day, and included a shark dive at 80 feet. Sandals Turks and Caicos is phenomenal, diving and beaches are pristine, they have like 18 restaurants and 4 pools. When i think back on all these trips, and travel, it makes you realize how blessed, and lucky i have been to experience such beautiful countries.


Rolex AD Adventures …

LOTS more “available to buy today” models than I’ve seen in a while. ALL Date-Justs or Day-Dates, in various precious metals, and most with diamonds, but far more models than I’ve seen in the last two or three years.

CPO … >$19K for a 116660 (Deep-Sea, James Cameron dial).

LOCAL grey dealers have 126660 for $300 over MSRP from two months ago. You can now get 136660 (released 4-6 weeks ago) grey for $2K over MSRP.

Interestingly, their exhibition stock has not changed in 3 months (and is quite comprehensive … for example, ALL GMTs except the WG/Pepsi/Meteorite). So those models are not going out the back door, nor being sold out the front door so far.

Six weeks before I go grey on a 136660 …

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The pricing dynamics are always a rollercoaster, but it’s intriguying how certain models stick around.

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And those GMTs seem to have their own little world, hanging out in the exhibition stock.

By the way, have you ever explored options at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers? They might have some unique pieces that could add an extra twist to your Rolex journey. Happy hunting, and may your wrist game stay strong! Check out (link removed by mod)

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I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt but only reading 3 posts in one thread, answering the same thread twice without reading anything else and including a link in your second post doesn’t inspire much confidence.

For now I just removed the link and hope you are not here to spam watches (or anything else).