The WATCH Thread

Side-bar discussions of various watches and timepieces has come up, periodically, in other threads. Since there seems to be some interest, and to keep other threads focused on their topics, here’s a dedicated thread to discuss your horological interests, post watch pictures, links to interesting watch-centric sites and generally indulge in some wrist-wear extravagance.

A couple of interesting, and active sites on the subject to kick things off:


HODINKEE is the foremost destination for all things in the world of horology, making watches and information about them accessible to all.


Watchuseek is one of the web’s most visited watch sites and the world’s #1 watch forum. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a start from scratch newbie, Watchuseek has something to entertain, inform, educate and almost definitely irritate you to the point of wanting to sign up and shout about it on our lively, incredibly comprehensive forum.


I’ll throw in my most recent (last week) acquisition, which has been a bit of a bugger to find from an authorized dealer:

I was actually just poking my head in after a different watch (even more unobtanium), as well as a couple of watch winders, and there it sat … though on a Nato strap.

Knowing that these are usually 6 month+ waits (which isn’t bad in the scheme of things), and in the full knowledge that I am on several waiting lists for the latest Rolex GMT Master II (Pepsi dial) … which has the same functionality … I couldn’t resist (plus I have a soft spot for Tudor anyway).

So it just had to follow me home … along with orders for the leather strap and the bracelet it is currently sporting (both came in within the week, which was quite surprising).

“Pictures on-the-wrist or it didn’t happen”:


Very nice.

I do love the ‘Pepsi’ color scheme. It appeals to my nationalistic side.

Very nice indeed.


Thank you for this thread Ian @Torq

as watch enthusiast I’m always throwing a look on peoples wrists

Your new timepiece is special because it’s not showing off and for a diver quite flat - so very easy to wear with a longsleeved shirt

I am a small wrist big underarms guy
so less fine adjustable watchbands tend to slice down from my underarm sooner or later and dangle loose around my wrist
The metal bands are for this reason not my choice for each day carry
After trying some leather and silikone, I found the extra long Zulu wristbands perfect - again preferences
With a dozen different colours I can switch them without tools in a moment and they are washable

Edit: Yes the Pepsi is recognized by most people so it’s even less screaming in your face
for the second look by someone who is into watches, this is outstanding


Could we feed this thread with the older posts?
so one like me would not post double the single one EDC watch?


It’s black. It doesn’t need winding. It tells time. The only things I care about in a watch. :slight_smile:


I’ll move existing watch posts I come across, if doing so preserves enough context/doesn’t break the original thread, but I’m much too lazy (and busy) to seek them out (if you want to, shoot me links via PM).


If you’re ever stuck for an hour or two between York PA and Lancaster PA, and you’re not actually in the Susquehanna, this place, The National Watch and Clock Museum is worth a visit. Lancaster PA is the home of Hamilton, once a proud and mighty brand, the factory closing just about 15 years ago. I live in Hamilton Park, a development made for watch factory workers in walking distance to the old factory. They used to give tours and have a factory store also.

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I’d like a proper chronograph some day, but the convenience of this is pretty nice to have.

As a plus, it matches my phone (and my Porta Pros). :laughing:


Mine just tracks steps and heart rate… and is ugly lol


I actually like the design. There’s an understated elegance in simplicity.

It’s almost reminiscent of a Rado. :thinking:

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I’ve got a number of Citizen pieces, and they’re all extremely nice and very interesting both aesthetically and in their features/functions.

Eco-Drive is also an awesome factor.

I’ve yet to talk my wife’s Apple Watch off her wrist … though she will, at least, alternate between Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and the default Hermes face.

Mine won’t do that …


I don’t like using the phone function either. It’s too ‘gimmicky’ and reminds me of “Get Smart”.

It’s extremely convenient for quick responses to messages.

I used to alternate Mickey when I worked at the local school district.


Great Thread!

My wife bought this for me back in the ninties for a birthday gift…its a rare Seiko dive watch that I still wear occaisionally…bought at a jewelers for $400 retail!

I am a sucker for analog watches and Seiko IMO has some of the nicest ones even today!



Got this Jimmy Johnson special edition at a Sears Retail Store that was closing!! It was discounted really low and I snagged it up…this is a stock photo, too lazy to get up and photo right now!!

Its a beautiful analog watch, it has a carbon fiber face that you can see in the sunlight, the cross hatching of the carbon fibers make a checkerboard backdrop…I had no idea who Jimmy Johnson was but he is a winning NASCAR driver and hence the checkerboard…

I just liked the pale blue colors and yellow markings…



I think my favorite “buy” was my Omega Seamaster 300M Chrono.

This was right when the new, coaxial movement, version was introduced, doing away with the wave-dial. And I really wanted the wave dial. But the dealer thought the new model was the one people wanted …

It was rather entertaining, and quite beneficial, listening to him progressively talk down the price on the older model (the one I wanted). And easily the best deal I’ve ever gotten on a new watch from and AD.

Pictures in a bit, I have to pull that one out of safe-deposit after our recent trip.


Omega has always been the diver I’ve wanted (if I were to ever get one).

My brother loves his Oris, but I always tell him he bought the wrong “O”. :blush:

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The Oris divers are interesting, particular the Aquis Depth gauge (I’m a fairly prolific diver).

But the Omega Seamaster is one of a very few diver/chronos that you can actually actuate the buttons at depth and not flood the watch.

My 300M is a bit beaten up from actual dive-usage.

Though anymore I tend to dive the new Sea Dweller (red line) … though my computer is a Shearwater Perdix AI.


The wear adds character to the watch. Unlike many, you’ve actually taken yours to depth, as it was intended to.

My brothers not a diver, which is another point I tease him on regarding his Oris.

If I had the means for just one proper watch, I’d probably go with a simple Patek. Very elegant, imo.

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