Topping DX3 Pro+

Just curious what opinions are out there on this DAC/Amp. I have one coming from Drop and will be using to drive my Drop HD6xx’s


For people that like that sort of thing, it’s the sort of thing they like.

Wouldn’t getting opinions on the thing make more sense before buying one?

Especially as you’ll be able to see for yourself what it’s like in fairly short order - and you liking it or not should be all that matters.


Late to the party for your post. I’ve had the Topping DSX3 Pro+ for a few months now with no issues to speak of. I use USB outputs from Win10 laptop, iPad Air 4th gen, and Android phone into PCM input. One exception was the time the iPad locked up and cheesed off the Topping. Power cycle made the Topping happy again. Used Bluetooth to connect iPad, phone, BlueSound Node 2i and they all worked (the Node 2i is another room so range doesn’t seem to be an issue).

Analog output into preamp /amp separates for sound system in the home office. Also use the 3.5mm jack on front panel to run headphones.

Running the Topping with default settings, no firmware upgrade. Didn’t install any drivers for laptop either. Have not had a need to run in high gain. Listening space is 100 sq feet and I have no high impedance cans.

FWIW, the unit got a good review over at ASR that’s a concern.


I’ve had mine for about a year. My initial use case was in my office, where the RCA outputs went to powered near field monitors. Switching between headphones and speakers was great because it remembers volume settings for each output. I found that high gain mode gave me more headroom with inefficient HiFiMan HE400se headphones, but low gain was fine for others, including the 300 Ohm Sennheisers.

I’ve since moved it to my dedicated vinyl rack, where I use it to drive E-MU Teak headphones. I’m feeding it via TOSLINK S/PDIF from a Parks Audio Puffin phono stage. It sounds great and has been reliable. Not to everyone’s taste, but I enjoy the clicky feel of the volume knob. :slight_smile:

I can’t think of a DAC/Amp for under $200 that I would recommend more highly. That said, it’s not as warm sounding as the Topping E50 + L50 stack, but that’s almost 3x the cost, including cables.


I had a DX3 Pro+ for 2 months. It did quite well, no problems, no complaints. I bought the DX3 because my S.M.S.L. M500 MK II was defective. Meanwhile I found a repair store an the SMSL was repaired.

Honestly, I can’t tell any difference between the DX3 and the MK500. What speaks for the MK500 is that, unlike the DX3, it can also handle MQA. For this reason, the DX3 had to go again after the SMSL was fixed.

For $200, the DX3 Pro+ offers excellent value for money.

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As others have said, the value of the DX3 Pro+ is hard to beat. I use mine streaming Tidal at work; its a large open area with many cubicles and loud people. The small footprint and the great sound suit my needs. I use it to power a pair of Focal Clear OGs.