Topping D70 DAC - Official Thread

This is the official spot to discuss the Topping D70 DAC


Anyone have this and the DX7 to compare/contrast? Curious the differences

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I used to have this unit before my current RME Adi 2 DAC. It sounded very good for the price and was definitely a step up from the other DACs I’ve tried in the past. The form factor is also very nice. Good size and weight to it. The remote control also feels solid and works well.

At around 400 usd, I think it’s a good value and is at the sweet spot for many people. Would recommend !


After an extensive selection process, I selected the Topping D70 for my computer listening station. The computer is newly constructed. It is built around an Asus Z390 board with an Intel I9-9900K. It was designed to be an entertainment system with an emphasis on music.
At the output is a Larocco Headcode Dual Mono solid state headphone amp. I have a pretty wide array of headphones. MDR-R10. Audio Technica W500, W2002, L3000, A990Z. Grado GS1000E and RS1. New is a Focal Eligia .
Due to the technical prowess of the D70, I selected this device. It was recieved last Friday. I plan on a complete review. So far, I am very impressed. Check back for detailed impressions, photos, technical discussions.


Great stuff I look forward to your thoughts on it.

9900K… that’s a lot of beef for music; you a gamer too?

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