My brother just bought some Tribit Bluetooth headphones. There are reviews on some obscure sites but I’ve never heard of them. Any of you know anything about them?

Hah! I never heard of those and then I looked it up on amazon, and those the headphones a manager I sit next to has. I thought they were Beyerdynamics when I saw him wearing them at first, but then I looked closer and they were way too small to be.

Umm, I really dont know much about them besides that I see them at work everyday.

Maybe ask how they are? My brother isn’t too happy with them but is going to try connecting them wired to a dac/amp.

Tribit has all the hallmarks of re-branded Aliexpress specials. When you look at Tribits website, you can see several models that you can find the generic equivalent of on Ali for about 1/2 the price.