TruthEar x Crinacle Zero

This is the place to discuss everything to do with the TruthEar X Crinacle Zero, which is a two dynamic driver IEM that comes in at $49.99.

Crin sent one along for us to check out, so here are the measurements. Keep in mind these are done on the GRAS RA0402 coupler, which doesn’t have the coupler resonance in the treble that other more common couplers have.

Channel matching is very good

Here it is compared to Harman IEM 2017 (there is some discrepancy for this target in the treble, depending on where you look).

Basically you can think of this as the least expensive entrypoint into a Harman tuning for IEMs. Personally I prefer Crin’s own IEF target, as this one tends to be a bit intense in the upper mids and treble for my liking. But it is interesting that they were able to achieve this result at such a low pricepoint.

Video impressions:


The Truthear Zero has been a pleasure to listen to, but frustrating to review. It is an unqualified recommendation at $50, but it easily could have been even more groundbreaking with some minor tweaks.

My full review is up on my blog:

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