TUBES(pre, power, rectifier) share your list of tubes

How many hours do you have on them? It could be noisy due to not being used in a while, like burning them in again.

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That’s what I am hoping. Supposedly only 100 hours on them.

Good luck. What happens when you adjust the nulling pots?

Didn’t help. It’s seems like it has nothing to do with normal microphonics. You also can’t hear the clicks when playing loud music but it’s annoying with quiet songs especially classical music.

Gotcha. Hope it burns through.

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Tap that ass…

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And if that doesn’t work then I’ll tap it with this:


I’ve sometimes heard clicking when tubes are still in the warm up phase but it fades quick.

I would think most of the burn in peculiarities would have faded if really at 100 hours. The question is how long have the tubes sat unused. Some folk claim tubes will revert back to almost unused like condition if left alone for an extended period of time. I have no idea how grounded in reality this is.

My gut tells me this is not a burn in issue. Try a tap, maybe there’s something caked on in there.


I just noticed that my other psvane 2a3’s have a blue tint to the glass when on in the dark but the problematic tube has a light show going on where the blue tint is moving around and dancing all over the place. Never seen a tube do this!

Right. Thank you @bpcarb @Roikyou. I just got the Pendant SE and I’m experimenting with that. It utilizes the EZ81, EL84s and 12AU/AT/AX/7 variants. That’s why I was curious if there were any worthy vintage Soviet tubes to try in the Pendant.

Also, is it safe to run an E80CC/6085 in the Pendant in place of the 12AU7? Has anyone tried it? I tried reaching out to Justin Weber, buy no reply.


I’m afraid I don’t have direct experience. It’s best to check with Justin. He usually prefers phone calls over email.

Perhaps just the glass and plastic and other metal parts expanding as the “light bulb” heats up. I’ve experienced this in the past, especially with designs that don’t bring up the voltage gradually. It’s never created any issues for me. Some tubes may be more susceptible to this than others.

Hi everyone, I haven’t been on here in a really long time, my chronic health issues are getting worse, hence my absence. I did want to come on and say why I have been absent and to wish all of you who celebrate it, a Happy Thanksgiving :turkey:

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