TV Music Channels

I have Comcast, so my subscription comes with Music Choice channels. There is a digital audio out (Toslink optical) on the Comcast Xfinity box, that does not seem to work. My TV, I think it’s a Samsung (Sansui? Sanka? Suzuki? Sushi?) has one too, and that does work fine.

I’ve run the Toslink cable to the xDSD DAC. And that’s powering the Lyr3…
Sound is surprisingly good. I’ve looked around on the Internet but can’t find anything on what format Music Choice would be using. If it’s MP3, it’s a high bit rate. Does anybody know? And would I be getting the same quality from the TV digital out as direct from the xfinity box? If not I might have to (ugh) take it up with Comcast.

Make sure you’ve enabled optical audio out in the menus – this may be buried several layers deep. There’s also a chance that plugging in HDMI disables it.

No such menu on my box. Went through several layers. Called Comcast, their computer said send a reset. Not any change. I should just exchange my boxes for better ones. The optical out just doesn’t work on this box. There is a coax SP/DIF output on the box also, but I don’t know if I want to buy a cable to try it. If the TosLink ain’t workin’ why should I expect the coax to be any different?

I’ve only used the TosLink on the xDSD, but according to The Absolute Sound’s review of the xDSD, it also supports coax SP/DIF.

I have the TV hooked up via analog connection, audio + RGB cables, so I know that the sound I get out of the TV’s TosLink port is reprocessed from an analog conversion to begin with.