Warwick Acoustics Aperio - Official Discussion Thread

Bravura arrived at my house today. I can’t believe how right you are.

It’s exceptionally well made, I can see the quality of it quite clearly. But going A/B between Bravura/M1 and my Ares/A70/Lokius/HE1000 system, Bravura is a huge disappointment. A much more satisfying experience can be had for a total of $3000. I am stunned at just how diminishing the returns are with these “TOTL” models. This really proves the value of choice - finding the perfect combination of separate components vs. buying an enclosed system.

I appreciate all the work that went into the Bravura, but I’m gonna stick with the “Mid-Fi” :roll_eyes: of Denafrips, Schiit, and the like.

Thank you Headphones.com for the privilege of full-refund returns :pray: