Warwick Acoustics - Electrostatic Headphones & Energizers - Official Thread

The Headphones.com team is very excited to welcome Warwick Acoustics to our support brands!

Meet the Sonoma M1 DAC/Energizer

Delivering performance without compromise, ESS SABRE reference DACs, an AKM Premium ADC, and custom 64-bit double-precision fixed-point DSP, sit at the heart of a high precision, ultra-low noise, low distortion system.

The Sonoma system supports all of the Hi-Res Audio formats an audiophile would expect from a class-leading audio product.

Meet the Warwick Acoustics Barvura Electrostatic Headphone!

Developed for the audio connoisseur and those seeking audio perfection, the award-winning BRAVURA headphone system delivers the ultimate in luxury listening.

As with the other premium electrostatic headphones in the Warwick Acoustics range, the BRAVURA reproduces audio content as pristinely and accurately as possible, revealing the details and complexities of an original recording without colouration or alteration.

Simply put, it breathes new life into the music that you love.


Where does the electricity get inside the DAC/Energizer? Is that an ON/OFF switch on the back with a socket for a wall wart? How much power? What’s the bias voltage, and is there an adapter to use STAX or other e-stat headphones with it?


The external SMPS supplies 24V DC/60VA.


You can’t use Stax headphones, nor anything that runs on Stax Pro Bias (which is 580V), on this DAC/energizer, and similarly you can’t run the Warwick Acoustics headphones on any other electrostatic amplifier.

GoldenOne did a review of BRAVURA. He praised it a lot. Definitely want to give this a whirl at future shows.

The Bravura system is really fantastic.

Only thing I’d wish for is an analog input that bypasses the DAC.

Got a cheap headphone system: Chord TT2/mScaler/Susvara/Utopia.

Bravura blows the above out of the water. Wow!

Unbelievable, now asking them if I can use Chord Dac/mScaler with it.

Gonna buy!

Might even stretch to the Arperio if my budget allows.

You can’t use other DACs with the Bravura; well, you can, but they go through the Sonoma DAC. Given your reaction, not sure why you would do that.

The Aperio has an analog input that bypasses the internal DAC.

Yeah, that’s the quirk with the Bravura - worth considering before you buy if that’s something you will be OK with.

This morning I had the pleasure (or maybe not) of listening to the Bravura again extensively at one of my dealers.

As previously stated, the sound is beyond any doubt. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

But after twenty minutes at the latest, with a hat size of 64 or xxl, I had the following feeling:


With the vast majority of headphones, this is not really a problem because you can usually stretch or bend the headband.

Which is not possible with the Bravura due to the fragile plastic-like materials.

This means that this system, which has a really high quality sound, unfortunately does not find its way into my portfolio.



is, so to speak, that

Among earphone brands,

if you don’t fit in, you’re not en’Vogue.



Thanks for sharing and your feedback!

I don’t find the head clamping to be too bad, but I have a smaller head. But to be sure my Meze Elite and DCA Stealth are more comfortable.