What’s getting boxed up?

Ok so we have a what’s in the box but what about what is getting boxed up? Lots of people sell stuff to either change their sound or upgrade/downgrade. Interested in seeing what people are moving on from.

To start out I sold my Ampsandsound EL84 amp because I feel my Mogwai SE+ does everything it does but better and needed to free up some money for something coming very soon!! (Stay tuned as it’s a doozy!!)

I did really like it and will definitely plan in the future in getting another EL84 amp and/or dozing a EL84 amp build, due to all the extra tubes I acquired for it.


Tracking the days between an item appearing “in the box” and this thread could deliver valuable analytical data…


Interesting topic! I’ll list the gear I’ve decommissioned in the past year or two;

  • FiiO M6 - Wanted to try a modern-day DAP, but the tiny screen and laggy UI made using it a major hassle, so I preferred using my phone. Later I bought the M11 Pro, which I still own and enjoy, as it has a much more usable UI and a sound worth owning a DAP for.

  • Sennheiser GSX1000 - Didn’t sound much/any better than my PC’s onboard audio, and the feature set can easily be substituted and even surpassed for free by using EqualizerAPO + HeSuVi. So I returned it and bought a JDS Labs The Element (gen 1), which I liked a lot.

  • JDS Labs The Element - I wanted to prepare for a high-end headphone purchase, so I bought into the measurement memes and got a Grace SDAC-B and a THX AAA 789, and gave my Element away to a good friend of mine.

  • Grace SDAC-B + THX AAA 789 - Upgraded to a Schiit Bifrost 2 + Asgard 3, both of which I much prefer sonically.

  • Sennheiser HD25 (75y anniversary ltd edition) - Liked it a lot, like a Porta Pro 2.0, but gave it away to the same friend who I gave my Element to, since he lost his job in the event industry due to covid, and he got into DJ’ing as a hobby, which the HD25 is perfect for.

  • Sony WH-1000XM3 - My Samsung Galaxy Buds+ took its place as my on the go pick, since the size and comfort benefits outweigh the benefits of ANC for me, and I mostly prefer the sound of the Buds+ as well.

  • Drop Panda - Pre-ordered it, and while it surely sounded pretty good (as far as wireless headphones are concerned), it just wasn’t comfortable after 1 hour of use, so I ended up selling it.

  • TinHiFi T2 - Bought for €26 to find out what the hype was about, thought it was great for that price, then upgraded to the T4 and gave the T2 away.

  • TinHiFi T4 - Liked it, solid upgrade from the T2, but eventually upgraded to a FiiO FH7 which I currently still own.


I LOVE this thread. :joy: Just missed some boxing up this afternoon, but in the spirit of kicking things off:

Chord Mojo - going on loan to a friend / work colleague who is earlier on in their hi-fi journey
Sylvania “bad boy” 6SN7GT tubes - returning to eBay seller. They sounded dull - probably got a bad pair.

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Magnius and Modius, sold to some rando on Reddit. - (For a much heftier price than I listed them for my pals at headphones.com. Just sayin)


This is my dead Arya that I sent back last week for a replacement.

I’m hoping for some kind of mix-up and they send me back a Susvara. :crossed_fingers::grin:


This is actually an action shot of these headphones getting boxed up. I asked the seller to take a “proof of ownership” photo as he boxed them up to send to me. You can see the bubble wrap in the picture. I’ll be waiting by the door until Wednesday.