What's the craziest setup that you've put together to try to get the most out of your EDC's

I’ve been missing the power required to make my HD600’s shine when I leave the house, So after a little experimenting with my portables, I came up with a solution.
I’ve paired my LG G7 ThinQ with my FIIO A3 and Topping NX3s. For a investment in these two amps of less than $100, I found what I was looking for, the ability to push my HD600’s to the limits that my ears could stand without distortion. Just don’t flip the bass boost switches on both amps at the same time, or the combo sounds like shit. Only thing is, this stack won’t fit in your shirt pocket. The things we do for the love of music.
By the way, I was a near miss by last Mondays tornados that tore the he’ll out of Dayton. By near miss, I mean 1/2 a block. But me and mine are fine, and no damage to my property. My son gets to brag that both of his home towns Celina, Ohio and Dayton were both hit by EF3 & EF4 tornados on the same night. Hope everyone else fared as well as we did.

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