Withdrawn -- Ampsandsound Mogwai SE Headphone/Loudspeaker Tube Amp -- Upgraded/Custom -- Like-New Condition


The Mogwai SE Rev 2 - ampsandsound is a high powered and versatile headphone and loudspeaker tube amplifier.

  • Price: Withdrawn.
  • Class A single ended transformer coupled tube rectified zero feedback. Brief sonic description: harmonic richness, tonal density, bandwidth extension, immediacy, impact, and intimate listening position (sometimes as if you’re on stage with the performers) – overall, leans more engaging and emotional rather than analytical.
  • I am the original owner and took delivery of the amp in mid-January 2021. This is the current version with the latest Rev 2 updates.
  • This amp is a custom build with the Jupiter coupling capacitor upgrade (same ones used on the Bigger Ben and Nautilus) and no onboard volume control such that it effectively operates as a power amplifier (thus, a separate device with volume control such as a preamp, DAC, or level control is required for use). I had the amp built this way for flexibility and versatility for headphone and 2-channel listening with separate components.
  • Custom selectable single ended inputs with or without input transformer:
    • Input 1: with input transformer
    • Input 2: without input transformer
  • Includes custom built ampsandsound passive preamplifier with volume control, two selectable single ended inputs, and two single ended outputs. I found myself using the passive preamplifier for headphones, and a separate active preamplifier for loudspeakers.
  • Includes Seahorse case, stock power cable, manual, and original packaging.
  • Includes stock tubes: JJ 5U4GB rectifier, Tung Sol 6L6GC STR power tubes, Tung Sol 6SL7 input tube.
  • Like-new condition with no blemishes. Non-smoking, no-pet household.


PayPal preferred. $100 price reduction for PayPal Friends and Family or other no fee transaction. Buyer pays for shipping cost from Los Angeles to Continental US (FedEx Ground, fully insured with signature). $100 price reduction for the Mogwai SE only without the passive preamplifier. Free in-person pickup in Southern California subject to mutual agreement and payment via PayPal Friends and Family or other no fee transaction (since PayPal protections don’t apply to in-person pickup). No returns. Seller references available upon request.

I am open to trade offers for the following: Bryston BHA-1, HeadAmp GS-X Mini, Holo Spring.


Add-on tubes for sale: Tung Sol 5AR4 ($20), Tung Sol 6550 ($40 for pair), JJ KT88 blue glass Slovak made ($115 for pair), NOS GE 6L6GC 1960s USA made ($135 for pair). Various 12A_7 input tubes available upon request (requires 9 pin to 8 pin adapter).

*Each abovementioned tube has less than 200 hours of use and is new production non-USA made unless otherwise indicated.



Interested. Can you please PM me?

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Solid seller, sold me a non-headphone item which brings me delight on a daily basis.

Good luck with sale!


For the time being or even based on 2-channel performance alone, I’ll continue to own/enjoy the Mogwai SE powering my Zu DW speakers. Singled ended tube amp + high sensitivity speakers (such as Zu, Omega, Tekton, Decware, Spatial, DeVore) = absolute pleasure. DECWARE - Audio Paper - Troubleshooting hum problems.

For headphones, I’ve paired the Mogwai SE with the ZMF Verite Closed, Sennheiser HD 800 SDR Mod, Meze Empyrean, Rosson RAD-0, Hifiman HE1000SE, Sennheiser HD6XX. While I don’t generally prefer Hifiman, the HE1000SE pairing worked really well (complementary tonality and black background due to lower sensitivity). The Mogwai SE capably drove all of these, with the Verite Closed probably being my least favorite (perhaps a case of too highly sensitive and revealing and too much of a good thing in terms of intimacy, energy/aggression, warmth). The Auteur/Eikon would likely be a great time.


Such a great idea! I plugged my mogwai up with my high efficient speakers and they had perfect synergy. Easily enough watts to pump anything in the 90db’s to a good level. The dirty weekends (which are the best deal out there right now as I have been preaching for years ever since I owned a pair) are a great addition with them providing a nice tube tonality to the zu’s lively thump.

Great idea! A good preamp to go along with the setup would be a god tier also!

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I agree - I bought mine following our discussions and your impressions/recommendation.

The LTA MZ2 with linear power supply fit in quite nicely as a preamp. Tube pre and tube power amp carry a risk of being “excessive” or challenging to live with, but the MZ2 is more solid state like and is not particularly colored. After inserting the MZ2, everything came together, especially stage, dynamics, and center image focus.

I may be selling my MZ2 also if anyone is interested.


I’m withdrawing the listing and look forward to also dialing it in with my incoming RAD-0s.


Now that’s what I call ‘doubling down’ in style!


I like your perspective. A community of enablers!


Hah! Yes, yes we are.

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Congrats on the RAD-0s @bpcarb I look forward to your impressions with the Mogwai.

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Thanks! It’s a custom order so a few weeks out. I’m also looking forward to your impressions of the Bigger Ben.

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How does the hifiman he1000se sound with the tube?can you describe the signature