Rebel Audio RebelAmp - Official Thread

This is the official thread to discuss the Rebel Audio RebelAmp.

Available in black too:

See the details here:


Analog inputs single-ended RCA
Analog outputs 1/4 jack
single-ended RCA preamp
Frequency Response 1Hz-1.2MHz, -3dB
Output power 32 Ohm: 1000mW RMS per channel
THD <0.001%
IMD <0.006%
SNR >110dB, unweighted
Crosstalk >95dB, 20 Hz-20KHz
Output Impedance 0.1Ohm
Input Impedance 50kOhm
Gain 1.0x, 5.2x, 11.0x
Output Resistance Preamp RCA 0.1Ohm
Power Consumption 35W
Dimensions 13.39 * 9.15 * 2.28 in (340 * 233 * 62 mm)
Weight 6.6lbs (3kg)

Green is the way to go.


Seriously though, I love this amp!


Did you end up picking one up? I’m salty that they released a black version like 3-4 weeks after I ordered mine, but it’s all good. I am still loving mine and need to find time to write a review.

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I know. I sold my Kenzie spoiler alert! New tube amp arriving Monday but I just decided that I’m really going to enjoy the Rebel while it’s the king of the hill. I really love it, I just don’t normally really listen to it. Im using my VOs with it right now, great pairing. Thought I was getting some Grado GS1000e’s today which I thought would also pair well but USPS doesn’t care about me. Really looking forward to hearing them with this amp.


Glad this thread is made. After you posted in the what in the box thread I was thinking about this.


I’m really interested in hearing how this amp compares to the rogue audio rh5 and the ecp T4. Hope someone out there has listen to them all. One of my biggest regrets has been selling my T4. I hope they come out with a T5 or something is close in sound to it.

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I want want want the RebelAmp! And green is the only way to go.


Yes, I did! Technically, I was captured by the rebels and forced to listen. I was seduced by its sound and my senses were overwhelmed by its massive greenness. I’m innocent!

Rebels must use a non-black color. Black is the color of the Empire. I saw the black option when ordering, but green is a must.

I don’t own those, but plan to do a comparison write-up with my current amps.

Yes! Please explain this requirement to @Nuance!

Yes! Please explain this requirement to @Nuance!


lol, okay okay - green is tops. It just doesn’t match anything aesthetically at my desk (or room for that matter), but the sound quality is worth it! Also, green is indeed my favorite color, so…

Also, hurry up with those impressions already! :grin:

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This is the ironic conformity of us rebels, we must embrace green Lord Vader @Nuance!

:star_struck: :rofl: :upside_down_face:


:joy::joy: When and If I get the RebelAmp, the green will stand out brilliantly from the black stack I currently stare at (Topping, Monoprice, XDuo)

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Just putting this here @generic @Nuance



Well, I guess I’ll get this party started with some short impressions of the RebelAmp (in green, of course).

Direct comparisons were made to the Drop THX AAA 789 using Focal Elex and Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones. I also briefly tried IEMs and can confirm the noise floor remained quiet.

The RebelAmp has a more full bodied sound with a meatier note weight compared to the 789, possibly due to the bass decay lingering a little longer; not in a bad way mind you. Changes to the the upper registers were subtle, but provided an overall smoother presentation without losing detail. The THX has a reputation for being extremely analytical and faithful to the recording, and while true, it can sometimes sound sterile, thin and sharp. The Green Monster is still faithful to the recording, but it seemingly rounds off the edges of said sharpness so they’re more tolerable. The Green Machine provides just as much detail as the 789, but it more accurately represents the space around instruments to my ears; this provides what I call spatial tactility (I.e. pinpoint 3 Dimensionality). Tonality changes overall are quite subtle, but they’re just what a headphone like the Focal Elex (or possibly the Clears) needs, smoothing out the treble peakiness and adding a touch of body and warmth overall.

Physical Dynamics are quite good with both amps, neither lacking any punch, but to my ears the Verde Vixen scales swings between softer and louder passages better. Soundstage width didn’t change much, but the stage is deeper through the RebelAmp. Imaging also seems to be more pinpoint with Gumby, likely tied to the soundstage improvements. Timbre changes were nonexistent, unless you count the smoothing over of the treble peakiness, which, to my ears, took away some of the metallic timbre that is sometimes heard with Focal headphones.

Both amps come with three levels of gain, and I settled on the middle setting for both amps while listening/comparing. I fully expected the RebelAmp to have less headroom due to the lower power specs, but I have reserve power in spades and really think there might be something to the whole “Class A watts are better” notion.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase and will be selling the THX amp. Without truly going to the “dark side” and delving into the tube world, I believe Rebel has created a superior product while still offering a design that doesn’t skimp on detail retrieval, dynamics or faithful representation to the source - I am quite confident this amp is all I’ll need for a while. In my world, it’s all about the music, and that’s what this amp does - it just allows me to get lost in the music. What more could I want!?


First 24 Hours: Impressions

I received the Midori Tofu amp yesterday and tested for a few hours with an analytical setup: Focal Clear OG and AKM 4490 DAC. I compared it briefly against my Schiit Lyr III with the tube that was sitting in it (Foton 1958), and my Magni III+.

Mr. Green Jeans: Full, authoritative, precise, well-separated, and everything is where it should be. This amp has the technical bones of a solid state amp, but rounded edges and smoothness reminiscent of a tube amp. The Clear was vocals-forward, but not harsh or unpleasant. With some sources I wished for less of a vocal presence, but that will likely improve on a different DAC. That’s also in the Clear’s basic character anyway. From memory, the XXX XXX 789 divides up the vocals region into 1,000 tiny knives. See my prior rants in the Clear threads.

Lyr III: Whoa. Not in the same technical league or even close. The tube twisted some frequencies up, down, or around as tubes love to do. Harmonics, resonances, blur. It’s an engaging amp and an strongly punchy foundation. The staging isn’t as wide, defined, or anywhere near as stable.

Magni III+: More technically similar to the chartreuse behemoth than the Lyr III – square shoulders on both. It doesn’t have the authority or the smoothness of either amp above, but I didn’t listen for very long. I only checked for a minute to ensure that I’d reattached its cables correctly.


How hot does your Rebel amp run? Isn’t it baking your Modius?

I know from having an Asgard 2 (also class A, very similar specs to the green monster) it runs way too hot to put anything on top of it. Plus it would go into thermal overload if you did.

I’ve been eyeballing the Rebel, and I shouldn’t! :sunglasses:

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I rate it was “warm” only. You definitely can tell when it’s on, but the Lyr feels much hotter after about 30 minutes of use. I rate the Lyr as “hot,” but the case won’t burn you.

The Incredible Hulk’s massive case may spread the heat.

The Hulk in the 1970s, which came before the goofy CGI versions:


I agree with @generic - it never gets beyond warm to the touch, so my Modius will be staying put until I replace it with a Bifrost 2. :slight_smile:

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For the first few days I’ve been leaving my amp on all the time – as a routine check for early death with electronics. [I believe in early failures, but not burn-in for solid state devices.]

The power switch is on the back a la Schiit, and hard to reach where I set it up. As it only gets mildly warm, I’m tempted to leave it on all the time.

What are others doing about leaving the amp on or turning it off?

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When working at the home office, I power it on right away in the morning and leave it on until the work day is over. If I’m at the downtown office, it remains off since it won’t be used.

Good idea leaving it on 24x7 for the duration of delivery week!


Second 24 Hours: Impressions

On the second day I shifted to using Dr. Frankenstein’s Creature with my Dan Clark AEON Flow Closed planar headphones. I previously found that the Lyr 3 moved them to another level. Well, the Creature has similar punch and the bass hits even harder. However, it brings something to the AFC that I’d never experienced before: detailed staging and hearing unexpected details. Do not judge Dan Clark’s products with modest headphone amps. I blissfully used the AFC for a couple hours (until routine closed-cup fatigue set in).

Whatever hardware Rebel Audio put into the Creature, the 13 ohm AFC loves it.

I no longer see any use for my Magni III+, as the Creature outclasses it in every way possible. Never mind that the Creature fills the physical space of 12 Magni III+ amps put together (literally, two layers of 6 amps). Sell the Magni soon? Likely.

In agreement with @Nuance, the Creature outclasses the THX 789. I’m on the fence about selling it, as its clarity helps with flawed lower-tier transducers and as the balanced architecture is good for some dynamic drivers. My 789 got demoted to a second row location in my main setup, and I’ll have to go out of my way to use it.