Bakoon AMP-13R / Enleum AMP-23R Discussion

Has anybody had experience with Bakoon?

This one really caught my attention, specially at 25W out from the headphone jack, read from
Susvara on 5 amplifiers


I thought my RNHP’s red knob was cool. :flushed:

I really like the design. Very funky, but tasteful. It definitely looks pricey. :face_with_monocle:


Same Here. Really Like it. Goes for 6K :frowning:


It’s really an integrated speaker amp, that happens to have a headphone tap on it. Which is great if you’re going to use it to drive speakers, but less so as a dedicated headphone amp.

1000x the noise level of something like a THX AAA 789 (1mV at 0 dB, with nothing playing, would yield a 45 dB/SPL background noise with the HD650 or pushing 60 dB/SPL into Focal’s Stellia), while offering no balanced drive (unless you use the speaker taps) and only a shade more power into realistic headphone loads (667mw vs. 640mw into HD650 or ZMFs, and about 4,255mw vs. 4,085 into the Abyss).

Might be a better fit for something like the Susvara, but not seeing it for most normal headphones, especially not flagship level stuff.


Just the person I was waiting for :smiley:
Thanks for your reply.

I am trying to find something a bit different for the Susvaras but I am not convinced that I need too. I keep reading that the iCan Pro is just not enough… But than I turn around and find the other half saying the opposite… and to me it sounds just fine, but if I can make it sound even better, than, is it worth that extra 10 miles? (That price is not a mile by far)


Well, the Pro iCAN will put more power into the Susvara than the Bakoon amp listed here will, so if that’s not enough, the AMP-13R is probably not the right way to go.

The Susvara tend to go well with speaker amplifiers not because of raw power delivery, but because such amplifiers, if specced correctly (you have to consider their actual power into the load they are driving not just how they are rated into 8 ohms), generally have a) much higher voltage swing and b) greater power reserves.

You only need 5W at 60 ohms to push the Susvara to 120 dB/SPL, which is about 37.5W for a speaker amp rated into 8 ohms. So a 50W amplifier at 8 ohms should have enough power to push them to beyond safe listening limits and still have almost 50% reserve capacity.

Most headphone amplifiers don’t get anywhere near the 17.35V of output that the above would require, however. The Pro iCAN can manage 23V from its balanced connection, and still push enough power to have 25% headroom at 118 dB/SPL (that’s 15 seconds of listening before you damage your hearing).

Which is not to say the Pro iCAN is the best way to drive the Susvara, but some of the crazy power numbers people claim are needed in speaker amplifiers don’t make a lot of sense and, for the most part, seem to be more of an indication that they don’t understand the details or what the actual ratings and requirements translate to.


Once again, Thank you for your awesome input.

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If the large cylindrical “foot” on the left size houses the torodial transformer then it’s the coolest design I’ve ever seen.:grin:


Yes it does house the toroidal transformer.

For reference:


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Yea, seriously, is a pita. I use an adblocker so I don’t deal with them but I seen the site without it, ugh.

What adblocker are you using? I’m using Adblock Plus, but it looks like the Ads are integral part of 6moons website and cannot be blocked. My screen looks like this…


Adblock sold out and they allow adds to those they pay them. I use UBlock Origin. The problem is that websites that force adds on you like 6moon will work sporadically, one day you can get to the site add free one day you can’t get in at all.


That’s amazing. It’s like McAfee partnering with hackers or 1Password with identity thrives.

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Nothing is about the principals anymore, Is all about business and $$$.


I have two bigger issues with 6moons …

The first … is that I generally have no idea what Srajan is actually trying to say. The second, is that I generally have no idea what Srajan is actually trying to say.

Now, I realize that, technically, that’s just one issue … but I felt it was such a big one that it was worth mentioning twice.

(I think there is some very pretty prose and clever metaphysical imagery in Srajan’s writing, I just cannot translate it into how something it supposed to sound. Which, to be fair, is a complaint I’ve had levied against some of my reviews, too).


I enjoy your reviews. Not only for the precise way you explain things, but for the times you “wax poetically”. It’s fun to read.

My writing is all emotionally based. I struggle with the how-to of things, where you’re able to do both.



Until Srajan discovers how to live just from thin air, those ads are his source of income, along with the reviews. He also says that the site is for those audiophiles and music lovers that “like to read”, I for one enjoy his style, and like having to every now and then look up what certain words mean since it improves my knowledge of the english language, for a non native speaker (he´s german) his command of english is impressive. I finf his philosphy relatable and his taste in gear and music to be great. Here´s an interview where you can learn more about him:

The fact that I didn’t heard of him till now makes me wonder of the start of the interview “The most influential audio journalist in our planet”

I was unable to finish reading through the review he did regarding the bakoon and the susvara. It made me feel as if he was pushing way too much for a new product… At any rate I did found it there so that saids something.

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How about the HSA-1a? You’ll be able to try via the 4-pin XLR output, the speaker taps, and even the option for when you do go ahead with purchasing the SR1a :wink:

Very versatile little thing.