(WTB or WTTF) Alo Audio Pan Am, IFi Nano BL, Liquid Spark, Cayin C5 DAC or CTH (W) PayPal or Trade

Looking for any of these dac / amps / amps if possible. Just let me know what you want for any of them, please. I have some stuff for trade or a cash + trade deal as well (Legit purchased directly from Sennheiser IE-80S iems, Mee Audio x Drop Planamic iems, Dekoni Elite Hybrid Earpads BNIB, XRL balanced upgrade cables, etc). Thank you!

I can come close: Liquid Platinum and Hiby R6.

Thanks for replying. I found my old Nano BL so I’m good there fortunately, but I’m still looking for a small hybrid tube amp…