[WTS] Tubes Galore: 1969 Great Britain Mullard ECC88 6DJ8, Svetlana/SED Winged ‘C’ 6L6GC, NOS Russian Military 6F6S, Gold Lion KT77

Price: Asking prices below; open to all reasonable offers
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere
Payments: I accept PayPal (friends or with CC where you cover the fees), Zelle, and CashApp

Please ask any questions, and I can provide other photos if needed.

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One sought after Philips ‘SQ’ Special Quality, gold-pin, E88CC (6922 equivalent) tube available. Measured and labeled as NOS when acquired, with nearly perfectly balanced plates. Only tested in my amp for noise, and it sounds excellent. SOLD

One Great Britain-made Mullard ECC88/6DJ8 (6922 substitute) tube with O-getter available. I believe it to be NOS from 1969 or maybe UTG based on the measurements on the box. Tested in my amp for noise, and it sounds rich and clean. Asking $75 shipped in the U.S.

One NOS 1971 Reflektor-made 6N30P-DR tube available. Prices on these Russian Military Grade tubes keep climbing. Only tested in my amp for noise, and it sounds superb. Sorry, no original box for this one. SOLD

One Baldwin 6SN7GTB Black Plate, Halo Getter available. Purchased this as a balanced NOS tube when I had my Eddie Current Balancing Act headphone amp. I don’t recall running it for too long as I rolled several 6SN7s through that amp and predominantly used Ken-Rads. Likely a Raytheon, but possibly a Sylvania-made tube. SOLD

One 1969 Sylvania FAA 6SN7GTB available. Same story as the tube above, purchased as NOS for my EC amp and rolled it in for short periods. SOLD

NOS Svetlana/SED Winged ‘C’ 6L6GC Matched Pair. New, unused tubes with new boxes. Matching batch/date code. Each tube reads =C= 6L6GC MADE IN RUSSIA 0420 OTK61. Asking $160 shipped for the pair in the U.S.

NOS Russian Military 6F6S (6F6G, 6F6GT, KT63, N63 equivalent) pentode power tubes from the 1950s/60s. Coke-style bottle in factory boxes. Made at the NEVZ plant. 12 tubes available. Asking $12 per tube + shipping. Will sell in any quantity needed.

Genalex Gold Lion KT77. These tubes were used in my PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP amp, which is known to be very easy on tubes. Purchased new as a matched octet in February 2020. Used sporadically as I was alternating amps and tube rolling. Estimated 500 hours on them, so essentially like new. Prefer to sell as an octet for $265 shipped in the U.S., but I will also consider selling in Quads or Pairs.


Just want to note that I am open to offers and I just completed a deal on here with @hmss007 that went smoothly!