ZMF Aeolus/Focal Clear MG - Tube Amp Recommendation

I have a ZMF Aeolus on order and already have Focal Clear MGs. I currently have a Topping D90/A90 DAC/Amp.

I want to explore what a tube amp can do, particularly for the Aeolus. I’m prepared to spend at or even a little above $1000, with the exception being that I would consider the ZMF Pendent if the sense was that I’ll really get the biggest bang with the Aeolus, or that the Low/High Impedance options on the Pendent work best for my collection of headphones.

I would like to think that I’ll go with one amp, so I’m not looking to spend my way up the ladder. I’ll buy one really great amp and hopefully stick with it.

The Feliks Echo looks particularly interesting, but if you could give me a recommendation not only on a specific amp but also perhaps a philosophy as to what I should be looking for, I’m all ears.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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