ZMF Headphones Verite Open Camphor Burl Open (Magnesium Chassis)

Original Price: 2600.00 (see subsequent posts for price updates)
Currency: U.S.
Ships to: U.S. to confirmed Paypal addresses


I am the original owner of these headphones. I received them in Sept 2020, so they are about one year old. I am incredibly fussy about my gear, so these have been given the royal treatment the entire time I’ve owned. Never dropped, never disassembled, always gently handled, always hung on a Salire when not in use, etc.

They are very beautiful headphones. I am selling them because I was using them at work and they leak in a bit too much noise for me. I recently bought an Audeze LCD-XC 2021, and (on top of being closed back, which solves my noise problem at work), I prefer the sound signature of them over the Verite. The Verite was my daily driver at work for about half of the time I owned them.

The only cosmetic flaw on the headphones is on the chassis. Unfortunately, ZMF magnesium chassis flake pretty easily. There is one small spot where my wedding ring made contact with the chassis as I was picking them up one day, and so a very tiny dot of paint flaked off (you can see it in the last photo). Otherwise, these headphones are in perfect like-new condition.

Another thing I am not particularly fond of about ZMF headphones is that a threaded screw is used to make contact with the wood in order to prevent each cup from over-rotating. This can damage the wood. As soon as I received in the headphones in 2020, I jammed a bunch of Kleenex on both sides of both cups so that the screw would make contact with the tissue instead of the cup. I am leaving it in the cups, but you can just pull it out if you don’t care about this.

Your purchase comes with the original wood box, Universe suede pads, Verite leather pads (attached), two stock cables (1/4" and XLR) that I never used, and all original packaging.

I don’t have much of a footprint on this website as a user, but I do have outstanding credibility on eBay (superclover19 on eBay), so you can buy with confidence.

(due to lighting, the black grills on the outside of the cups look like two different shades of black. They actually are not like this; the one on the left is the accurate color.


Price has been dropped by $100 to $2500 (includes shipping and insurance).

Price has been dropped by $100 to $2400 (includes shipping and insurance).

Price has been dropped by $100 to $2300 (includes shipping and insurance).

Is this still available?

Sorry, friend. They have been sold.

Thank you for posting this, it’s good to know about the risk of damage here, and I appreciate finding out about your solution. This might be worth posting in the Vérité thread, so others can follow your good example!

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