ZMF Vérité - Open-Back Dynamic Headphone - Official Thread

It was awesome - I got a whole extra hour of burn-in on Sunday!

Is this why there’s a ZMF November? :grin:


Well put, and I couldn’t agree more. Same goes for cello, sounds downright magical on Verite.

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If you own VO. What other ZMF cans would you like to company with? and why? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have to admit that since getting my VO, I’m more likely to pick up another pair of ZMF headphones now. I’ve long been interested in the Eikon for its exciting presentation and sub-bass extension. I hesitate, though, because closed-backs tend to aggravate my tinnitus thanks to the build-up of pressure inside the cups. That said, the porting on the Eikon might be enough to prevent too much pressure from building up; I might try to get a used pair at some point since I need at least 30 minutes of auditioning to tell if a pair of closed-back headphones is going to be too fatiguing.

The above applies to the VC, as well, although I also wonder if the VC would offer enough of a difference to warrant having both the open and closed versions.

I’ve not tried the Atticus, so that’s an option. The Aeolus I found too warm for my preferences but I should try it with a variety of pads. I didn’t find the Auteur all that appealing when I auditioned it briefly but given how impressed I am by the VO, I’m keen to give it a proper chance.

A ZMF planar headphone would be very appealing…


thanks for your sharing. I’m thinking the same for Eikon but never thought about closed-backs building up pressure but I’m an IEMs user too that might be ok. The Nov b-stock got some cool one… so tempting LOL… :smiley:

Oddly enough, IEMs don’t cause me any trouble; there may well be more going on than just pressure in the cups of closed-backs for me.

The Nov b-stocks do look enticing! It’s harder to resist when you remember that ZMF headphones tend to hold their value so well on the used market. I saw quite a few African Blackwood b-stocks on the site; I wonder if this wood is harder to work with. Zach said its hardness made for the more frequent replacing of sanding paper and drill bits.


Before I got into hifi I used to be really into building computers. I built many a high-end gaming/content rig with bleeding edge tech multi kilobuck components which I then used mostly to browse the internet and read webforums about pc hardware. lol I’m trying not to make the same mistakes in hifi. Between Verite, Utopia, & Arya I can’t see any use case for another ZMF, so while I lust after the beautiful stabilized woods and epoxy resins, they will have to remain a fantasy.


The Atticus because it’s the most different compared to the VO. Lush and more forward mids. Also if you didn’t like the Auteur, the Eikon is quite similar sounding.

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