ZMF Verite Open Silkwood (SOLD!)

Price: $2250 OBO, additional cable and a bloodwood Salire stand available for $2500 total
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

Hi folks – just testing the waters here on my ZMF Verite Open silkwood headphones. These are the previous silkwood model that I’ve had in my possession for maybe three months. They’ve had regular use but haven’t left my desk otherwise. I like them but feel they could go to a better home and system to properly support them, since I just run a Modius and Asgard 3 right now. Ultimately I’d just downgrade (minimally, in the some senses) to something like an LCD-X or Focal Clear and pocket the rest.

This variant has a black aluminum chassis as pictured. Aside from the stock Verite pads are the suede Be2 pads. There’s the stock 3.5mm cable and then an OFC that connects via the XLR (I can provide photos of those if you want). I also got one of the silver cables which cost around $150 if I recall (looks and feels great), as well as a bloodwood Salire stand which was $130. This will come in the fancy wooden box.

I’m really just looking to get back close to what I paid for the headphones (and cost of shipping/insurance will be an expense in and of itself) but I might be open to reasonable offers. I’d very much prefer to just bundle everything together as a full set.

Edit: I’ve had a couple people ask about the silver cable; I’m not interested in splitting it off right now since I’d end up using it if I just keeping the headphones, so it depends on what happens there.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any interest or questions!

Edit: Sold the headphones and cable!


Are you the original owner, and when were these made?

Yes. They were made this year and I received them in May.