2021 Arya V2 Mint PRICE DROP

SOLD: $900 Total price: (Fees and conus shipping included)

Not interested in trades

Currency: USD

Ships to: CONUS

Mint condition Arya V2 March 21’ - Original owner

Comes with brand new additional set of stock pads.

All original material: manual, box , crappy Hifiman stock cable (brand new/never used)

All is in great working and cosmetic condition. I don’t find any dings or scratches (other than the usual scuffs inside headband from adjusting that all HFM get)

This is a great headphone and has been my favorite till getting the Susvara. It’s always been well taken care of… lived on a stand. Feel free to PM me for any questions or additional pics!


What’s your overall thoughts on Susvara vs Arya V2? Been thinking about going this path as well and wanted to see what you thought you miss from Arya and what the Susvara brings over the Arya. Happy Selling!

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More of everything it’s not even close. I don’t think there’s anything to miss when making that move. It’s important to understand that amplification for the Susvara is expensive if you want to squeeze all its performance out of it. It sounds good on most stuff but can scale as high as you can feed it and the higher you go the more rewarding the sound will be. If you’re thinking of getting a Sus but skipping on DAC and amp upgrades I suggest looking at the HE1000 or other headphones.

I’d say Orrman is right. You’re not going to lose anything… except maybe any notions you may have had of what was reasonable to spend on audio gear. :grimacing: Everything that wowed me about Arya (the separation, clarity and detail) when I first heard it are all brought to another level.

I know it’s almost cliche at this point to talk about properly amplifying the Susvara but it’s definitely real. I got the Susvara first with the plan of upgrading my system after. I drove them with the Violectric V280 for the first 5 months I had them and didn’t really use them much.They didn’t sound bad but they weren’t great. I would listen to other things way more often (Hd800s on Folkvangr for example) to be honest. I actually like the Arya better on the V280.

Now with Envy I am downsizing my collection of amps and cans because the Susvara/Envy are just incredible. A lot of my gear and headphones are just not going to be used anymore.

My advice is if you decide to go with Susvara, go all in. Know that it’s going to be an expensive road and cutting corners will handicap what the Susvara is capable of.

I haven’t heard either but others say that He1000 or He1000se get you close without having to sell your kidney for the gear to run them. There have been those that sold the Susvara and settled with HEKse because of the cost/hassle associated with it.

So, basically everything @orrman said!! :laughing:

Good luck with whatever you decide!!


Much love and appreciate your thoughts and notes! I don’t mind going all in and blessed to be able to when I want, though I am in a great place right now with the Arya v2. Just been so disappointed in hype around so many headphones. Not a huge dynamic fan and have tried several ZMF headphones and just subpar for my subjective listening. The way they are going, who knows if there will be a SUS v2 out before we know it haha.

I’ll check out the envy. I don’t think my Bifrost 2 and Burson Soloist 3x fits the bill for the Sus.

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For what it’s worth, there are many options between the Soloist and Envy that’ll get you very far with the Susvara.

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This is sold! 20characters

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Yeah I had a similar experience with the HD 800. For years I drive them out of a BURSON soloist. It was good, but now hearing the HD 800 out of a WA 22 with upgraded tubes? Let’s just say I have trouble going out on weekends. :wink: