300b Sophia Electric Blue

Price: SOLD!
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA
These have about 100 hours on them. Got them to hold me over until getting the official WE 300B. Was going to keep them as a back up since they’re about 85% of the way to the WE (construction looks very similar) but since I have some other TOTL 300Bs on the way I’m letting these go. That they look cool AF too makes them hard to let go of!

Similar tonality to the WE, which just has a bit more grandeur, those these have a bit more clarity and aren’t as rolled off to my ears. Go very well with more neutral driver tubes as shown.

Price includes USPS Priority shipping with insurance and I cover Paypal fees too.

Official description from their site where they’re $700:
Sophia Electric Blue Glass Classic 300B Tubes

After years of experimenting, auditioning and comparisons, Sophia Electric is proud to introduce the Classic 300B tubes. The Classic 300B tube is a new and improved version of the highly regarded WE 300B. While keeping the well-beloved soul and mid-range magic of the vintage WE 300B, the Sophia Electric blue glass Classic 300B tube has more extended frequency in both high end and bass. In its blue glass design, the Classic 300B tube has the high end extension and powerful bass response of a live performance – 20% more bass extension and 15% more high frequency extension than the vintage WE 300B tube while it still maintains the great traditional direct heated triode mid-range magic.

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