Tubes, glow and tube amps

Show off your glow, tubes or tube amps. Pic must be taken by you.

Let’s start with some nice glow, thoriated tungsten that is:


Elrog 300B

All mesh Stellaris with RGN2504 and PX4

Crazy wasteful to have everything on but couldn’t resist:

The Cavalli liquid glass did its best

Even a small input can show off, my old Stratus:


Ha! I was just thinking last night that I should put in my most glowy tubes and take a pic. Will see what I can manage and post later tonight unless I bugger it up. Haven’t used my Nikon in a bit.

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DNA Starlett. No mesh plates…sigh.

Not the best low light pic I have ever taken. New production 5AR4, NOS GE 6W6s (unusual thin base), NOS GE 6CG7. Prettiest aesthetically but not my usual tube complement.

EDIT: That pic came out darker on the upload than it looked on my computer screen.


Are these all yours?

At one point or another in the last two years yes. I had to hear for myself the ultimate amps. I only trust my ears alone when it comes to gear, there are so many bias views and variables it’s crazy.

That’s really neat. Seems like you assembled all the top tube amps out there.

Care to share your findings? I’m particularly interested in the Liquid Glass vs DNA Stratus.

Feliks Audio Euforia :boom:


Incubus Elegan amps, my design and build. Class A OTL’s that work at medium to high impedance. Hand built cabinets in honey locust and rainbow poplar.


Those have an excellent aesthetic. Nice cabinet work.

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Thanks I have built 40, no two alike and I have donated 7, 4 of which are for 6sn7 blind testing.


Tube glow from a headphone rack I designed.


Courtesy of my newest supertube, Elrog 801A.


Thats an interesting tube shape, lantern like.

An amp I designed, built, and sent to a friend, that is a Bendix 6080wb and a tall body, 1940’s Sylvania tube.


Here is another one of my lousy attempts to capture the beauty of our hobby. I can stare at a tube glow and with the right music and drink, it can take me back to sitting around a fire pit with my best mates. I need more tube glow, just like needing more cowbell…


The picture speaks louder than words. ZMF + tubes just takes you there. :slight_smile:


Nice setup, I do not own the Verite yet but I may need to get a pair once I replenish my equipment expenditure account.

Thank you, I hear you on the equipment expenditure account. I went over budget on the Verite, it is worth every penny. My rationale was to re-program the headphone line-item as the current WFH situation has freed up other discretionary funds. What better use of of entertainment funds diverted from going out to eat restaurants and bars, then to headphone gear?

My humble tube amp does the Verite well, and serves as a stop-gap and eventually a third system for now.

I have seen some of your creations, you have a wicked way of demonstrating the beauty of wood and glowing lights.


I am seriously thinking of ordering the Verite at some point since Utopias work so well with my personal amp,

My amp builds tend to fund my purchases.


Tube Glow