64 Audio U12t - Universal IEM - Official Thread

The 64 AudioU12t” are a 12 balanced-armature driver universal-fit earphone and the entry point into 64 Audio’s universal-fit lineup. They feature a 4x low, 6x mid, 1x tia mid-hi and 1x tia high configuration of their new “tia” (tubeless in-ear audio) open drivers, “Apex” (Air Pressure Exchange) pressure (and fatigue) relieving vent, combined with a tuned acoustic enclosure.

They feature a bass-prominent tuning/tonality with a steadily down-sloping response through the midrange and into the treble. The sound is warm, full, with a controlled, but powerful, handling of the lowest registers and the ability to subtly tweak this response, and their level of isolation, using different Apex modules.