A 45m Review of the Focal Utopia

In case you’re into that sort of thing…

I couldn’t help myself to talk about WHY we can feel things through music… and how our artists matter so much to us.


Really enjoyed this, though it’s more like 30% review, and 70% treatise on why sublime audio is worth chasing at all. From now on whenever my wife questions on of my audio purchases I’ll tell her that it’s “cheaper than getting Justin Vernon to kidnap me”.

I was cracking up with the pop ups…reminded me of watching VH1s pop up videos! But I actually really like how you are doing these videos. Unique and entertaining, while also being educational. I like how you bring the music front and center, and explain why. Great review! I also really liked how you added in the sounds while you were doing the review, your production quality is the best I’ve seen in a youtube review yet. I also would be very interested in hearing what you would think of the Sennheiser HD800.


Yup-- all the little details (and the boundless enthusiasm) make for engaging content. Also, poor audio quality on high end headphone reviews is a personal pet peeves of mine, and this sounded great.

What a great review. It was informative but above all entertaining. You’ve got a real talent for doing reviews.

Chase - fabulous review! But it was far more than just a review, you got at the heart of just why I got interested in high-quality audio reproduction many years ago. It’s all about the music - the tech, the equipment, the toys are just the means to an end. I doubt I’ll ever be in the position to justify the purchase of a $4,000 headphone, but it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate their capability. We all have to come to some balance point between fidelity and price. Once you’ve done the research, the testing and made your selection - put all that aside and immerse yourself in the music! At that point you’re not doing A-B comparisons and those subtle distinctions fade. Go through your catalogue of recordings and have those one-on-one experiences with the artists that you so eloquently described. Thanks for reminding those of us who arrived at this headphone hobby from a purely musical direction not to get so wrapped up in the tech, that we lose sight of the artistry of the recorded material. Well done!

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