A letter from a concerned audiophile

Dear audiophile community, audio reviewers, audio
livestreamers and audiophiles,

I am concerned!
This week has been an interesting experience. There
has been a lot going on both in my personal life and
in the audiophile universe. This week has been
revealing to me and has helped me to review
perspectives and make applicable changes going
forward. I am very happy with my channel approach,
content and the community has grown greatly. I am
very thankful for my Discord community and the
friends that I have made. This letter is not pointed at
anyone in particular but at the audio community as a
Discord is a hot mess lately and I have had no option
but to leave several servers. Sadly, a lot of channels (Discord and YouTube)
have chosen to be toxic with attacking and bullying
and full of content that is just disgusting and
embarrassing for the audiophile community.
I know that we all have varying opinions and impressions
and experiences. The audiophile universe is vast and
has insane amounts of paths to venture down. But
just because someone is on another path or jumps
from different paths randomly, doesn’t mean that they
are fresh meat for attacking or bullying. We all have
our favorite shopping sites, audio forums, servers,
YouTube channels and brands, but just because
someone else likes it and you don’t, doesnt mean
they are wrong and you are right. Also, various styles
of reviewing and giving impressions are out and
about on YouTube and in the forums but just
because the reviewer doesn’t have the same
experience as you or the abilities to demo or
purchase gear or reviews differently than you,
shouldn’t immediately open them up to criticism. A
lot of reviewers fund their own channels and don’t
have unlimited financing. We all are on different
levels of experience, budget, interests and lifestyle
and it should all be accepted and respected.
Whether you agree or disagree with a review, it
should garner the same kind of response that is kind
and thoughtful and constructive. There is no place
anywhere for attacking someone because of age,
weight, preferences, abilities or style. If you can’t say
something nice, really consider what you are wanting
to say before opening your mouth. If you want to type
out a burner of a message, read it again before
hitting send. Bullying and cyberbullying is dangerous
and hateful. A lot of times I don’t even realize that I
am participating until someone points it out. So I
implore you all to highly consider your actions and
words before the keyboard warrior rant or vocal flame
burner moments.
As for my reviewer brothers and sisters and
livestreamers, why attack other audiophiles publicly?
All you end up looking and sounding like is a
pompous, know it all jerk. Pounding your thoughts
and opinions out about bias, subjectivity and
objectivity is fine to do, but do it in an appropriate
manner that is constructive and not tearing down
others and causing divides among the audiophile
You reviewers that have been partaking in this
behavior should be ashamed because all you are
doing is making yourself look like jerks, not better
and you’re not helping others to grow and understand. For
those who subscribe to these channels and partake
in such activities, you should be ashamed as well and
should consider your reasons.
I don’t give a crap in the world how much gear you
have heard or how many reviews you’ve written, if
you are an absolute loud mouth, know it all, pompous
jerk when you are talking about it, I won’t listen or
participate. When you say that you are better than
this person because you’ve heard or own some rare
hard to obtain gear for the majority and that they
should be ignored because they aren’t you then I am
writing you off. GET OUT OF YOUR TINY BUBBLE
SOMEONE YOU CAN HELP!!! Treating others like
they are trash and all of their gear is trash because it
isn’t as good as yours is a lame way of being an
audiophile. Music is for enjoyment and music can be
enjoyed on everything that plays music in some way
or other. Open your minds and ears to loving people
and the enjoyment of music instead of being a
biased, know it all, pompous prick that only cares
about yourself and nothing else matters. Get over
yourself and start enjoying life as an audiophile by
enjoying the experience with the community. Being
judgmental and hateful is not constructive.
I used to enjoy the audiophile community, but this
past week is changing my mind quickly. Let’s get
back to being audiophiles; enjoyment of music,
enjoyment of hearing others experiences and
exploring gear that you can afford. I implore the audio
snobs to try some true budget gear, sub 250usd and
see if you can find a gem or two; you may be
But I’m at the end of this rant, ALL I ASK IS THAT
AND LOVE EACH OTHER. We all have feelings,
thoughts and opinions and everyone reacts
differently so be aware of your words and actions and
please consider them before posting, chatting or
voicing on a livestream.
Dave from DBS Tech Talk


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