Welcome to The HEADPHONE Community - READ FIRST

Welcome to The HEADPHONE Community!

We started as two brothers with a shared passion for headphones, and are now an international community with thousands of members. Thanks for joining us!

Now that you’re here there are a few things to remember:

  1. Always Be Improving the conversation - If ever in doubt, ask yourself, “Is the comment I’m typing improving this discussion?” Personal Audio is a passion we all share and as such opinions can be strong. It’s important to remember to present your argument respectfully and not let conversations devolve into a quarrel.
  2. Price may be the determining factor for many people when deciding to purchase something however we think discussing the merits of a product is more interesting. We’re not saying don’t discuss price, but we will take action to get a conversation back on track if price bashing becomes the central topic.
  3. Don’t have experience with something being discussed on the site? Join our Community Preview Program and spend some time with a quality piece of gear in exchange for posting about it afterwards!
  4. We temporarily limit some actions on the site for new accounts. This is to prevent spam, not because we don’t already like you.
  5. If you work in the Audio Industry you need to follow these guidelines.
  6. If you have more questions, perhaps they will be answered in our TOS, or this post about how The HEADPHONE Community is funded.

Thanks again for being a part of The HEADPHONE Community. This is a wonderful place where we encourage lively discussion. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact @andrew, @taronlissimore, @torq, and/or @nicpope to discuss and have fun!