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Hi Andrew,
Do you know how long before a new member can advertise an item for sale.

Is there a way to amend an existing FS posting?

Hi Andrew

How I can work with your side on Audio Products ? We want more people try our audio products.

Now, we try some open platform to let more people to know our products, such as Indiegogo


Hope can get your advise


I am new and wanted to post in the Buy & Sell section. Lurked but never joined and would like to sell to someone in this community as I trust they will go to a good home. Thanks.

A general note for those using this category to list their gear for sale:

The original poster can now edit their first post of a thread in this category indefinitely.

As a result, you can mark your listing as sold YOURSELF rather than flagging posts and asking moderators to do it for you. And that’s what you should do from this point on.


Hello, I’m a new member. I have some gear to sell which is definitely relevant to this group, How do I begin?

Hi Folks, I’d like to sell some audio gear ( LCD 2’s, Violectric amp, and some Shure headphones ) and can’t figure out how to list them. I suspect because I am a new user I am limited in some fashion. Is that correct? If so, how do I get authorization to list a few products. Thanks


Trying to do this-- it doesn’t seem to let me alter the heading, just the body of the listing. What am I missing?

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I couldn’t edit the title either in my past post. Had to flag my post for mod to manually close it. They’re working on it.

I’m new to the site and can’t figure out how to post an item for sale. I would appreciate any advice to help with the process.

You have to be an active, participating, member of the site to start new topics - especially Buy/Sell listings. This is to prevent abuse, spam and to deter scammers (e.g. those with no post history/reputation and who therefore have nothing to lose by being a bad actor).

That takes a couple of weeks of normal interactions (not just reading, and not just making random/pointless posts on other people’s threads) for the system to promote you to a trust level that can start posts (and thus make Buy/Sell posts).

In other words, just trying to make lots of posts in the hopes of gaming the system will have the opposite effect.

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