Is a classified area planned?

As FOTD is so prevalent in this hobby, I think it is hugely important.

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Good question. Yes it is - we’re just working out the best way to implement it


While figuring out the best implementation of classifieds, I’d love to hear what is important to you in a classified section. E.g. reputation, transaction history, integrated payments etc.

Are there any implementations of this in other communities that are a good example?

A reputation system is very useful, which is probably tied into the transaction history - especially where people might be using different usernames on other sites that they buy/sell on.

Right now I think the big one for me, however, is a simple and official way to mark things as “SOLD” or “No Longer Available”!

Ever since Head-Fi changed platforms, their Classifieds have been a complete pain. Most posters don’t update their listings when something is sold, and even those that do don’t do it in a consistent way. So it becomes all but impossible to tell what’s actually for sale vs. what’s sold.

Even before their platform change, it was essentially impossible to filter listings on Head-Fi by “still for sale”.

To go along with a proper, simple, way to mark items as “SOLD”, perhaps a default time-out that closes listings that haven’t had any activity in, say, 30 or 60 days) would be nice. A simple way to refresh/repost would make that largely non-hassle for users, though obviously more work to implement.

Integrated payments would be interesting, but I think most people are going to wind up wanting to use PayPal. But if it were combined with some kind of escrow capability, it’d be a lot more interesting. I think “Superphonica” does this, but most of the items on there seem to be from dealers.


What I would like to see is a great feedback system. Sending lots of money to someone you know little about can be nerve wracking.

I agree with what everyone else is saying. Feedback and a way to confirm transactions is a huge plus. I’ve seen some good implementations on reddit like /r/hardwareswap. That sub has a bot that autoposts feedback history about the seller, and it has a system in place for buyer and seller to confirm each other after the transaction has ended. It also utilizes tags, such that you can easily filter for buying vs selling vs trading. It would probably also be nice to implement some type of probationary period before allowing new users to post ads.

In terms of actual navigation and functionality I am not sure what is possible with this forum format. But having good search tools and ways to sort by date posted and most recent comments, etc. are helpful. Head-fi classifieds is definitely a mess, but take a look at this tool someone made that allows for much faster/cleaner searching. That is a great example of the type of functions a good classifieds section would benefit from.


Headfi has a good one but it’s hard to get into

Curiously how’s is it hard? It seems easy to me. Go to forums > For sale or trade > then choose what type and there you go. or bookmark .


@Jarod_Ferkin and @Carmantom, if you are searching Head-fi you should ABSOLUTELY be using the devbrada tool to do it. You will never use the normal head-fi pages again.


Excellent! No doubt it will be the only place on Head-fi I will use. Imagine that latest equipment for sale earliest first. In all the years I’ve been on Head-fi I never knew that.

No doubt some type of merit system for traders reputation and honesty will be implemented? A quick question for Head-fiers. Where did the archived seller feedback ever go? I sold tons of equipment on there and when new system came into existence, all that feedback went somewhere? 11-12 years worth.

Wow! This is really an amazing tool. Thank you very much!