About the Gear Pics category

Sometimes its nice to just sit back, relax, get away from the discussion and look at some sweet headphone photos! Post your photos here, whether they include you or not everything is included (unless its inappropriate of course).

The headphone pictures section is all about nice, lifestyle photos of headphones. If you want to throw in a picture of yourself with headphones that’s actively encouraged as well!

If you’re posting here, there are some simple rules.

  • No sexual or violent images.

  • Headphone memes are great but those can be posted in the General Headphones category.

  • Your post can have a single phrase that includes a photo. These threads are strictly about the pictures and are not discussion threads. If you like a post, just hit that like button!

  • This isn’t the place to critique photos. People can get very attached to their own work and this forum is not in the business of bringing anyone down.

  • Have fun! Whether its Chi-fi, bargin bin, mid-fi or high-fi, everything is accepted!

  • Your headphones do not need to be connected to a system to post a picture. I know that rule exists in other places but not here!