Akg k712 pro

The place to discuss the AKG K712 PRO



@AudioTool feel free to post up your stuff here!

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Thanks @DarthPool. These don’t get a lot of rave reviews, but I like them a lot with Harman EQ.

I bought these to replace my AD-500x’s, found them to sound different and kept them.

Keep in mind these are 220€ in the EU and probably overpriced anywhere else.

If you want to reduce bass and sharpen the treble a bit, the pads of the K-501 (the rough fabric ones) fit and achieve exactly that.


They run almost $500 from Amazon.com here in the US. I agree that is too much but they can be found for $350 or less from other vendors which I think is a fair price, especially if you are a bit of a bass head like me.

Are the k712 pro bassy?? Never knew that

Compared to other audiophile headphones, yeah. The box even lists “3 db improved low end performance” as a feature. It also responds well to EQ.

Interesting. Always thought the akg lines leaned more towards treble. TiL i guess. Cool

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