Albums or songs that caused you to listen in wonderment

Pretty new to the high-fi headphone world having recently purchased of a set of LCD-X’s running the EQ setting from this video. I am still waiting on my Jotunheim 2 to arrive but in the mean time I have been listening to music on my old Fiio e09K.

There is one album I listened to recently that I’ve found really amazing on this setup and I want to hear from other people about what songs and albums have really surprised you or shown you something in the music you haven’t heard before.

The album for me recently is the soundtrack to the Phantom Thread by Jonny Greenwood. There are a few tracks in particular, House of Woodcock, Alma, and Barbra Rosa that I keep coming back to but the album as a whole has amazing imaging, compositions, and tonal separation of the instruments. I’ve just been listening to it at night with the lights down low floating in the music.

How about you?

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