What are your favorite headphones for electronic music and why?

Hey friends! Thought it would be interesting to get a poll and discussion going about what headphones are your favorite for Electronic music!


I love the slam and full-bodied bass of a good planar.

My LCD-X are my favorite headphone so far.


Well, I am in a conundrum… Mine used to be the Edition X v1, but now that I got the Elegia, I cant let go of them :confused:

The Edition X just had amazing drive with pretty much everything and anything, It has amazing bass and can make your music pop.

Now, the Elegias are in a different range all on their own and I am liking it.


It would be good to have some reference tracks. All I can think at the moment are Daft Punk songs. E.g.: Random Access Memories. My favorite track is “Instant Crush”.

HD 6XX with some EQ actually sounds really decent on this album:

But I’d still reach the SRH 1540 if I’m serious about listening to Daft Punk.

My 2 cents.


That is a great album indeed.


Thanks for this thread as this is the primary factor in choosing pairs of headphones for me (I mostly listen to electronic music). Years ago it was the Denon D2000/D7000 and then the Fostex TR-00 for a while. I never got to try the Fostex TH900, unfortunately. Then I found the Campfire sound and used the Atlas IEMs for a while until I stuck with the Cascade which I use today as my daily driver. I’ve just purchased the Diana Phi (and soon the V2 to compare) as I’ve heard Abyss are great for this genre too. I’m always on the hunt for other suggestions though :slight_smile:


Sony mdr 7520 plugged into a RNHP. Awesome for sub-bass, imaging, and detail. Album: trentemoller the last resort.


Going little further back in the age of early electronic music

  • Kraftwerk Radio-Activity 1975
  • Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator 1981
  • Devo Freedom of Choice Whip It release 1981
  • Re-Fuse The Politics of Dancing 1983
  • Thomas Dolby One of Our Submarines 1983
  • Art of Noise A Time For Fear 1984
  • Art of Noise Moment In Love 1984
  • Cabaret Voltaire Here To Go( Little Dub) 1987
  • Cabaret Voltaire Sluggin Fer Jesus 1988
  • Enigma Principles Of Lust: Sadeness / Find Love / Sadeness 1990
  • MC 900 Foot Jesus The City Sleeps 1990
  • Portishead Sour Time & Numb 1993
  • Paul Van Dyke Introjection & For an Angel (Pvd’s E-Werk Club Mix) 1994
  • Chemical Brother Block Rockin Beats 1996
  • Chemical Brother The Private Psychedelic Reel 1996
  • Robert Miles Children (Dream Version) 1996
  • The Crystal Method Trip Like I Do & She’s My Pusher 1996
  • Fatboy Slim Right Here Right Now 1997
  • Telepopmusik δp.δq ≥ h⁄4π “L’incertitude d’Heisenberg” 2000

Listening to Rosson Rad-0 with ZMF Pendant. with great vocal and keyboard and solid bass.

Turned it into little bigger Playlist you guys can add too on Qobuz “Electronica through the ages”


Great tracks! So you think of all your cans @angstorms Gregory, for electronic music the Rad-0 are your favorite?

Let me know how the Abyss go for electronic!

How large are the drivers in the LCD-X? Did you compare it to some of the other LCD series headphones for Electronic music?

They’re massive, 106mm. That’s why many describe Audeze’s presentation as a helmet of sound.

I actually prefer the fit over Focal (I have large ears that touch all sides of the pads, the Audeze pads are deeper and provide more room), as the weight isn’t an issue for me. Sonically it’s a great compliment to the Clear with a similar Harman tuned sound, but different presentations, and varied nuances.

My biggest issue are the slightly recessed mids, but other that that I really enjoy them.


Me too, from my LCD 2 Rev 2.


Thanks brother @ValentineLuke sounds like I should give them a listen one day. The huge drivers I am sure present the music in a really cool way. How recessed are the mids? Do you EQ them?

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I had out the Zmf Vertie, Rad-0, and Audeze LCD-4. I give LCD-4 the nod for bass-heavy tracks, but RAD-0 the BASS speed and hit are still very good, Rad-0 of the headphones easier to listen to all the tracks.

I need to try Hifiman HE-1000SE and Focal Sellia next.


I don’t EQ, but I’d guess by a few decibels.

I think the LCD-2’s that @Leemore5745 mentioned have more bass from what I’ve heard.

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My favorite for any genre is clean, neutral, open backed, and LOW NOISE. This has proven to cause the least fatigue in me. Right now Focal Clear is the winner.

When electronic music or any other genre is too bright, I’ll use a tube amp or EQ in some form.


I don’t EQ either, are the Clears brighter than the LCD-X? I think good bass is only part of the equation for electronic. Great stage and imaging are really important too.

Edit: also how tight the bass and how much range is in the lower frequencies.

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Yes, the Clears are definitely brighter, and have a touch more detail.

The Clears are probably the brightest sounding headphones that I enjoy. They can get a tad harsh with the ‘wrong’ kind of music. Distorted guitars like those found in 90’s grunge get congested and downright unpleasant, but they do well with pretty much everything else. They are very resolving and are very well balanced (excellent bass). The bass is tight, goes very low (my guess is between 10-20hz bottom), and is ever so slightly bumped in the mid-bass region. It’s good bass. The X’s just seem a touch fuller (not boosted), just effortlessly present.

The X’s are more forgiving (and slightly less detailed). I can rock rock on those all day. I enjoy them very much, but as you know, there’s always room for improvement. I think the MX4 will probably be my next headphone purchase…:thinking:


Yeah from my limited time with the Clears I know they would not be my choice for electronic music. The LCD-X sound very interesting for that genre though. Have you ever compared them to the Ananda’s?

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