Allnic Audio - Official Thread

In light of my recent (and first) tube amp acquisition (Allnic HPA-3000GT) I thought I’d create a thread for the Allnic brand to add some more options in the tube space, and because there’s barely any reviews/information out there.

Their presence is mostly in the 2-channel space with some pretty hi-end power amps, pre-amps, integrated amps, and cables. But they do offer 2 headphone amp models–the HPA-3000 GT and HPA-5000 XL (DHT). They’re also all ‘Made in Korea’ by K.S.Park which I assume is why they might not be as common here in the US versus other American-brand tube amps.

All of their products have the signature tube silos on them which is honestly pretty aesthetically-pleasing. It gives a nice, consistent and streamlined look. Functionally, the tube silos generate laminar flow to reduce heat and shifts it in a directional manner (to the top) instead of omnidirectional.

The 3000GT, specifically, uses 2x NOS 6EM7 dual triodes which are easy to replace I’m told. The stock tubes already sound really good out of the box, so this is a great option if you don’t want to go through the trouble of tube rolling (I’m one of those).



Review in progress…

Let’s try something different.
If you have a specific question about the 3000GT post it here and I’ll include a Q&A in the writeup.
But nothing tube specific though since I’m new to tubes.