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If it’s intermitent static, and possibly occasional very quiet high pitched squeals, It’s probably not the tube, it’s probably RF, probably from a wifi source.
Try shutting your WIFI router off, make sure it’s not near a phone or computer, and see if it goes away.

If that is the issue, there are things you can do to reduce the impact.


I’ve heard like a very light static, like static in a phone line back before cell phones, intermittent static. I’ve heard it with no computer near by. I do have a flat screen close to it. Considering it’s 42lbs and other than purchasing furniture to move it away, it might be something I have to live with. Wifi is in the other end of the house, repeater in the garage which is kind of close but two walls away. Strong enough to get a signal to a laptop or xbox series x which also runs on wifi which is about 4 feet away, shelf on the bottom of the desk. It could just be in interference somewhere in the room. Lots of potential for static.

One traditional approach to EMI/RF was to use a metal cage. This prevents accidental burns and broken glass too.

But, amps don’t look as attractive to some…


it’s so minor, usually only heard when really silent, then suddenly, there it is. I could wrap the Bigger Ben in chicken wire… (just kidding) it’s not the end of the world. I might try the rectifier and then call it good. It doesn’t look that bad.

Interference was already addressed above. Perhaps try a lowest power tube roll - 5U4G, 6L6GC, 12AU7 with adapter or 6SN7.


Is anyone able to compare how the Rosson RAD-0, ZMF VC/VO, and Focal Utopia pair with the Mogwai OG, Mogwai SE, Bigger Ben, and Nautilus line of amps? These amps are versatile, but I’m wondering if there’s a sweet spot.


Rolling a new NOS (circa 1943) set of 1626 Ken-Rad output tubes in my Kenzie Encore. They sound very good. Seems a little deeper in tone than the RCAs…found four of them on flea bay for $60 (for the set). All tested strong NOS.


I have talked with Justin and suggested 5u4g with 6L6GC as you mentioned to lower the power and noise floor. (hopefully repeating that properly). Trying to stay away from adapters. I do know that talking with Justin, he mentioned moving to 12AU7 in the future for input driver versus 6SL7. Even though as you’ll read below that I might have found the issue, I still have some 5u4g and 6l6gc coming in to try.

While listening last night, I caught a notification coming in from my cell phone, sitting next to the amp and headphone cable. The static noise was there. What really caught my attention was the noise first, then I saw the notification. I picked up the phone while the notification was active and move it over the tubes and cable to see if I could get additional reaction from it and did continue to get noise while the notification was active. I’m going to keep it away from the amp from now on, see if the static is gone.

@generic and @Polygonhell mentioned the phone and sometimes, since the phone is such a big part of life anymore, you just don’t always think of it.

Thanks again for everyone’s help and thoughts.


Good to hear that you found the culprit.

I also try to avoid adapters, but have had better sonic experiences with 12A_7 variants over 6S_7 variants with the Mogwai SE. Also see below.


What adapter are you using for the 12au7? Now you’ve got me tempted to try it out…

I also realized that I’m running the Iphone 12 pro max and of course, the new models have the magnet which I’m sure doesn’t help.

I know it’s nuts, I’m also tempted to move up to the Nautilus for many reasons.


I use 12A_7 / 12SL7 and 12B4A / 1626 adapters from time to time. They can go flakey at any time. I just had to take one out of service that was making a buzz at the slightest touch.

I’m thinking the heat breaks them down after a period of use.


I use one built by: Deyan | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - I contacted him via private message on head-fi. It’s performed capably for me so far, but don’t expect an uber polished build in the hand or to the eye.

If the Bigger Ben hits your desired sound signature, then go for the Nautilus! This might interest you also:

That is quite possible and makes sense. I will accept this as expected tube maintenance like an oil change or tire rotation. I’ve had mine since February and will monitor its useful life. I should probably order an extra one to have on standby.


We in da house!! Mogwai SE with Jupiter caps and walnut burl base. The sound is so incredible and euphonic. Also, build quality is top and it is completely quiet off the low Z tap. Justin was so helpful throughout the process and helped steer me to a killer tube compliment. Will definitely share more detailed impressions as I spend more time with it, but already I am over the moon with how great it sounds.


Congrats and exquisite setup!


That is the stuff dreams are made of. :heart_eyes:


Are those the LTD Olive or a stabilized?

They are stabilized maple from the first batch during ZMF November


going live with @ampsandsound Justin @TylersEclectic and @taronlissimore in 50 minutes 6 pm PT! Hope to see you guys soon!


Congrats! It’s a beaut!

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Another great live stream Marcello!